US forces are covering up traces of their cooperation with IS terrorists in Syria


The Syria Times reports that US-led coalition forces have eliminated several Islamic State field commanders in eastern Syria to prevent the leaking of information about terrorist financing by US troops.

The Syrian newspaper The Syria Times, citing anonymous sources, reports that the US military continues to support the Islamic State terrorists. This was reported by the Federal News Agency.

Unnamed sources of the publication reported that a group of American military personnel arrived at a prison in the Al-Malikiya area, where terrorists are being held, and eliminated five former field commanders of the group. The publication suggested that the US military got rid of the commanders in order to prevent leakage of information about the cooperation of terrorists with the troops of the international coalition led by the United States. Sources of the publication also reported that a special group arrived from Iraq to eliminate the commanders, which also visited the Al-Sinaa prison, from where they took three more former commanders of the Islamic State and transported them to one of the US bases in eastern Syria.

According to The Syria Times, the American side continues to send money to IS terrorists and transfer them from prisons in northern Syria to other regions of the country to destabilize the situation. After that, the coalition will eliminate the IS commanders they dislike in order to hide the fact that it itself had previously willingly cooperated with them.

Earlier, the Federal News Agency disclosed a terrorist financing scheme for the Democratic Forces of Syria, which existed under the cover of the American oil company Delta Crescent Energy. The militants supplied the company with oil extracted from the territory they occupied, east of the Euphrates River.