US failure in Turkey was the start of NATO's undoing


Obviously Obama and the CIA have made a serious misstep with the failed coup d’état in Turkey. We all know that they were behind it. We also know that recently there was a photo that shows one of the Turkish officers, who was involved in the coup, with the US Ambassador coming out together from the café the day before the coup. This mistake is going to cost the United States in terms of regional gross power in the Middle East. It’s not going to be over night, but a very complex long procedure. However, I don’t think that we should exclude the fact that the Turkish regime is also playing a very complex game. Yes, it will readdress its issues towards Russia and form a stronger coalition. But on the other hand, it is used to benefits, which Turkey receives from NATO. I don’t see Turkey withdrawing from NATO immediately, because it is a very complex issue. There will never be trust again between Erdogan and the US. These differences are not going to go away.

NATO right now is in a process of decay. It is not going to collapse immediately; it’s not the same as the Warsaw Pact. NATO is a military force run by an oligarchy from Washington D.C. The government is an oligarchy of an elite few, which run the military-industrial complex. The American people are not very sophisticated when it comes to world politics. Russia has been invaded several times and lost more than 40 million people during the Great Patriotic War. On the other hand, American people have no understanding what that means. That means that almost in all Russian families at least one person was lost. In the United States, we have lost not that many. A few thousand in Vietnam and half a million during the Second World War is nothing in comparison.

American people have nothing to do with NATO's existence or not. It’s all in the hands of a few in the US.
If Turkey remains unstable it means that the NATO alliance remains unstable in terms of its goals. I honestly believe that NATO would like to surround Russia and destroy it. Destroy its government. And it’s unsettling to them that Putin strike's first. Putin understands that. It would be naïve for Russia to think that NATO strikes modestly, while having nuclear weapons. Therefore, Russia always has to be prepared. We are seeing now, in this gathering storm for a possible next World War, a new political war paragon.

Luis Lázaro Tijerina. Historian, former US military