The US is afraid of Mexican cultural legacy


The situation with the wall between USA and Mexico is more complex, as it seems. Mexico and USA have very long-time relations. There are more than 3000 km of borders between our countries.

Not everybody knows, but some of the American states – California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada – they were parts of Mexico in past. However, after the war in 1849 Mexico has lost all those territories. Therefore, there is a historical background in relations between USA and Mexico. This territorial issue is exactly the reason why all those problems started.

Many Mexicans decided to stay on their historical lands. There is a community in Southern USA with a mentality of Spanish Mexico. Many Americans have families in Mexico as well as many Mexicans have family members in States. There is a migration from both parts – not only economical, but also historical.

The USA in general has a sort of a fear about Mexico, because we have a very strong culture. Our tradition lasts more than thousand years; the cultural background of Mexicans is stronger than in the USA. Americans are afraid of Mexican culture, this is very important.

The migration of Mexicans in the US and economical tense makes the problem very complex. Of course, the racist tradition in the USA is still strong. These racists work together with Americans, who are afraid if cultural power of Mexico. Therefore, instead of friendly resolution, Americans decided to go the racist way.

Now, there is a Donald Trump is aggravating the conflict by proposal to build a wall between our states. This is ridiculous, because these familiar and cultural relations are so strong, that it doesn’t matter how big could be the wall. People will continue to work and travel from town to town.

Mexican government has been working with American government for the las twenty years against Mexican people. They are trying to integrate Mexico into the US. However, this integration is just impossible; it will not lead us to wealthy future.

Before NAFTA, in 1992, Mexico was almost auto sufficient in most agricultural fields. However, today we are exporting almost 70 % to the USA. Mexican government is fallowing Washington’s orders. The consequences of these agreements affected a lot on Mexican economy. Our industry was practically destroyed. We lost everything.

Another problem is drug trafficking between States and Mexico. The US controls the population through the drugs and they need the drug traffics. This business gives a huge profit to a very small group of people, which are fighting for dominance. Inst of fighting in the US, they send this violence to Mexico. This way they can have all the drugs. The governments of the USA and Mexico are also involved in it. They use those cartels to control people and to make money. This situation lasts for a long time.