Ukraninan hoax: “Assasinated Russian journalist's” resurrection


ArkadyBabchenko was not killed. The journalist made an official statement on Ukrainian television. Previously Ukranian media reported that liberal journalist that left Moscow for Kiev was shot dead near his home in the capital.

SBU, Ukraine’s special service controlled by CIA, stated that it prevented an assassination attempt masterminded by Kremlin. Babchenko's statement was broadcasted live on major channel:


At first he apologized for speaking Russian. After that he asked forgiveness from relatives and friends who did not know about the "special operation" and told the details. He said that hitman got 40 thousand dollars. Babchenko is sure that Russia is behind this. As evidence, he cites the fact that the "assasin" had a copy of the photo from the journalist's passport:

"When they showed the photo, which is only in my passport and only in the passport office, it became clear that the information comes from Russia, apparently from the state services. Because this information could be obtained only by special services and only in the passport office. "

In Russia you need to makephotocopy of the passport at every occasion: in banks, when buying a car, apartment, or buying a season ticket to the gym or getting a new job. With the same success he could blame the Novaya Gazeta newspaper for which Babchenko worked for many years. Apparently, when the "assasin" faces Ukrainian court, the low-quality photocopy of a passport or ID card from the passport desk will become the main evidence. While photos of Babchenko in excellent quality can be taken from every website he wrote for.

Low-quality Skripal

The story of Babchenko's "murder" and revival can be compared to the so-called "case of the Skripals". By the these special operations are implemented, we can judge the current level of training of special services, both Western and Ukrainian. If in the case of so called poisoning in Salisbury all the necessary pauses were made, the media background was handled appropriately, and after that expulsions of Russian diplomats followed, in the case of Ukraine, one sees a confusion. Probably the SBU did not fully coordinate with the Poroshenko administration, or it was a direct initiative under the supervision of Western special services, because it's naive to think that the SBU is acting independently. In any case, Ukraine once again shot itself in the foot. Journalist and publicist Armen Gasparyan is sure that official Kiev has lost the remnants of its reputation:

"Now, if something happens in Ukraine, it is unclear how to react to it. Whether to believe, or to wait for it to turn into another insinuation from these insane people. When Moscow says that hey are insane in Ukraine, then usually we get the answer from the West: no, they are in perfect condition, they have some minor problems, but in general everything is normal. Now the collective West has seen what the current Ukrainian government is.”

It is obvious that this provocation is aimed at increasing the information pressure on Russia on the eve of the soccer World Cup, the start of which is scheduled for mid-June. It is possible that this provocation is not the last, and in the near future we will hear about new "killings" and "miraculous revivals".