Turkey will continue to be present in Syria


The corresponding statement came from the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Ankara will remain in this country until peace comes to Syria, until it is safe for the Syrian people.

On Sunday, parliamentary elections were held in the regions of Syria, which are controlled by government forces. Elections to the Syrian People's Council took place on a multi-party basis, in accordance with the constitution approved by a referendum on February 26, 2012. 1,656 candidates, including 200 women, competed for 250 parliamentary seats.

The Turkish President gave his assessment of these events.

Commenting on the parliamentary elections in Syria, Erdogan said that "Turkey was forced to intercede for the oppressed and protest in connection with what is happening."

Experts emphasize that Syrian President Assad's Baath Party and a loyalist group will win the majority of the 250 possible seats in the Syrian parliament.

Note that the Turkish armed forces have carried out several incursions into northern Syria since 2016. Ankara supports some of the armed rebel groups that oppose the Assad government. Earlier this year, Erdogan sent thousands of troops to northwestern Syria. In addition, Turkey is now home to about 3.6 million Syrians, and the republic is seeking to avoid another refugee crisis.