Turkey has shown its disaffection for America


This operation in Syria is being held against the Americans' will. On the one hand, it is against ISIS while, on the other, it is also being carried out against other elements in Syria who want to divide the country along ethnic lines. Hence why the operation is called “Euphrates Shield.” Previously, Turkey officially declared that it would not accept the Democratic Union Party (PYD) crossing West of the Euphrates, something which the Americans supported.

This ongoing operation is also a clear-cut message against the US’ support for the PYD and their attempt to cut out a corridor in Northern Syria.

It is also revealing that the operation began immediately before the arrival of American Vice-President Joseph Biden, who was symbolically welcomed at the airport by only the vice-governor of the Ankara province. This is also a clear-cut message. Turkey will not discuss this operation with the United States. This operation is aimed at maintaining the unity of Syria, which is vital for maintaining Turkish territorial integrity.

We at the Patriotic Party think that this operation is happening contrary to American will and does not involve the US. If they were involved, then Turkey would have waited for Biden’s arrival to discuss the details of the operation. All signs show that this operation has no connection with the Americans. Just a few days ago, there was fighting between the Syrian armed forces and the PYD in the city of Hasaka, to which the US sent its aircraft to protect PYD elements. Today, Foreign Minister Cavusoglu also clearly declared that Turkey would not accept any kind of new ethnic entity in the North of Syria or a PYD presence in the region. Thus, this operation was not cooperated on with the Americans - it was and is against them.