Trump's main rival fell under the feminists rink


The seemingly impeccable career of former US Vice President Joe Biden has entered the strip of a nightmare. Looks like he was another victim of sexual harassment charges. Why is it now that the “most influential interlocutor in the world” has been subjected to such attacks and what does this mean for the election of the US president?

One of the longstanding leaders of the Democratic Party, who became the fifth youngest senator in US history and during the course of Barack Obama, served as vice president, Joe Biden suddenly turned into a lame duck of American politics.

Late last week, Nevada Assembly member Lucy Flores accused Biden of harassment in 2014 during a public event. Following it, the same accusations were made by the former assistant to one of the congressmen, Amy Lappos, who claims that in 2009, during the fundraising event, Biden allowed himself a manifestation of "sexism or misogyny" regarding her.

Literally in recent days two more women shared similar stories about themselves and Joe Biden: 22-year-old Caitlin Caruso and 59-year-old writer Jay Hill, according to them, they became victims of inappropriate behavior of Biden in 2009 and 2012, respectively. Ironically, it was Joe Biden who was the first to propose a legislative initiative to combat domestic violence (which took the form of a law on violence against women, signed by President Bill Clinton in 1994).

Until recently, Joe Biden was considered as one of the main Democratic candidates for the presidency of the United States. The latest FOX News survey found that among Democratic voters, Biden enjoys the most support (31%), outpacing social democrat Bernie Sanders (23%) and California senator Kamal Harris (8%). Moreover, less than a week before the scandal, according to sociologists from Rasmussen Reports, Biden bypassed President Trump in the preferences of probable American voters - 49% versus 41%.

As a result, Joe Biden did not appear at the conference of democratic candidates for president-2020 that began on Monday in Washington. And his probable rival to the future Democratic primaries, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, an ardent champion of the anti-violence movement #MeToo, in an interview with MSNBC said that Biden should turn directly to the American people, who will decide his fate.

The question arises: why exactly now began to emerge stories with inappropriate behavior of Biden? Why not eight years ago? All the time while serving as vice president, Biden was constantly in embarrassing situations with women whom he publicly tried to embrace, stroke them on the head, rubbing noses, etc. For example, a similar incident occurred in 2014 with Stephanie Carter, the wife of the Minister of Defense USA Ashton Carter, who at that time was just taking oath. Then it gave rise to a lot of jokes that "the Minister of Defense cannot even protect his wife from Joe Biden."
On the front pages regularly got pictures in which Biden hugged, kissed and stroked a variety of women and girls. And while the conservative public in every way condemned the vice-president, the liberals condescendingly said that "Biden is just being Biden."

So what happened to Biden that he suddenly became so displeased with the liberal press, which held the positions of feminism and militant political correctness? The pro-democracy editions launched the hunt for Biden: The Cut, Huffington Post, etc. Of course, the #MeToo movement played its part. And although there is no evidence of any direct sexual harassment on the part of Biden, there are enough reasons for radical Democrats to lynch the politician.

One gets the impression that leading in polls, Biden is not enough “left” for radicals. He is not the same as Sanders, and even more so he is far from the new star of all progressive circles - Alexandria Ocasio Cortes.

Radicals do not have enough of Biden’s statement in 2012 that “transgender discrimination is the main problem in the area of civil rights of our time”. For them, the former vice-president looks like an obstacle to the great American socialist revolution of the future; he simply does not match the spirit of the times.

Even if Joe Biden manages to survive the accusations of harassment, his opponents will get a second trump card - the so-called Ukraingate, which has already caused a lot of noise in Washington and Kiev.

Hill has published a number of articles on the alleged transfer of the list of persons inviolable for criminal prosecution to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko by the US ambassador to Kiev. Moreover, Lutsenko said that his predecessor as Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was dismissed at the personal request of Joe Biden. The fact is that Shokin began an investigation into fraud in the energy company Burisma, on the board of directors of which Biden’s son, Hunter, is listed.

While there is an unprecedented unity in the Republican camp (President Trump did not fail to let go of the malicious comment about Biden's misadventures) about the main candidate, turbulence is growing in the ranks of the Democrats. Joe Biden seems to be doomed, Bernie Sanders looks unelectable, Okasio-Cortes does not fit the age limit. Remains the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress Nancy Pelosi and ... Hillary Clinton, which many began to forget, and in vain. After all, it is she who controls the highest governing body of the Democratic Party - the National Committee, and therefore, controls the party finances and strategy.

However, you can always expect the appearance of the "dark horse" - a politician who is able to jump out of the back of favorites. The 2020 election campaign in the United States is still gaining momentum, and one of the main actors is practically knocked out of the saddle.