Trump wants to send 12 million people out of the US


It's about illegal migrants whom US President Trump has been trying to remove from the country with the same "success" from the first days of being in the White House as the EU has deported its "illegals"

President of the United States Donald Trump is serious about his election promises, of which, in fact, he has not fulfilled only two yet - he has not improved relations with Russia and has not brought order in the migration sphere, because both are not necessary for the American establishment. But the current owner of the White House is still trying to achieve this, at least in words, if not out in practice. Its goal is not only to restore US control over its borders, but also to wipe the nose of the Europeans, who are facing exactly the same tasks, to pour oil on the fire on the heated debate in this regard that are now in Europe, to set an example for their European supporters, especially in Poland, Hungary and Italy.

Because illegal migration everywhere means only one thing - the weakening and destruction of national states, cultures and traditions, the growth of extremist and terrorist manifestations, the elimination under this pretext of democratic rights and freedoms. And also, as for Europe, the creation on the site of the former nation states of the European superstate with the capital in Brussels, which even in its current weak form ventured to accept Washington's challenge and began a trade war with the United States. The old-regime imperialist Trump is deeply outraged. It is important for him that America was in everything first, and all the others were afraid of her and obeyed her.

"Immediately deport"

The colonization of the United States by illegal migrants, patronized by democrats, who see their potential voters in them and human material for reformatting the US in the left-liberal spirit, is carried out in the interests of the supranational elite, who fears the old-style Americans as too independent, committed to freedom and too costly to these self-proclaimed masters life, deeply hurt Trump's heart.

In his Sunday tweet, the US president reiterated that all illegal immigrants, numbering about 12 million people, must be "immediately deported" from the United States. According to him, illegal immigration is "an unacceptable risk to our public and national security."

The coveted migrants must not suffer

In another tweet, the US president rightly remarked that "immigration policy is very unfair to those who are trying to legally move to the United States and for years are waiting for a proper permit."

Equally fair is the next thought of the American president - this policy "must be based on what kind of knowledge and experience people who want to move into the US", because the country "needs people who will help make America great again!". In this regard, Trump Democrats demanded "not to interfere with the improvement of immigration laws."

It's amazing, but so elementary and simple a thought has to be defended not only to him, but also to "populists" in the EU countries, trying to explain to the left and liberals that all of Africa and Asia can not move to Europe, because it will simply go under the water.

Will Trump manage to change something?

Trump for good reason broke his tweets on the migration theme. Last Thursday, the House of Representatives of the US Congress was to accept the Republican-drafted immigration bill, which largely took into account Trump's requirements, but could not. A number of provisions of the document still cause disagreements, as a result of which the voting had to be postponed for a week. And it's not a fact that this will not happen again, because the Trump administration's proposals, despite its flexibility and taking into account some of Democrats' demands and some particularly friendly Republicans, are still not very good for them.

In particular, it is proposed to allocate $ 25 billion for the construction of the Wall on the border with Mexico in order to stop the endless "caravans" with refugees and drug smuggling, to abolish the visa lottery and "chain migration" when one US "illegal" after naturalization he drags his own relatives on legal grounds. To ensure the passage of new legislation through Congress, Trump had to make concessions, removing barriers to obtaining American citizenship for about 2 million illegal immigrants who had entered the United States by children and residing in the country since June 2007, and to prohibit the separation of children from parents upon arrest for attempt to penetrate the border. Although he stated recently that the US "will not become a camp for migrants and will not turn into a refuge for refugees."

What does Trump really want?

Meanwhile, until now, the Congress has allocated only 1.6 billion dollars for the construction of part of the Wall with "the most dangerous country in the world", since in Mexico it really kills more than in Afghanistan, and even under the pretext of strengthening border control. What is clearly not enough to close the Mexican border, to stop the flow of drugs, smuggling, criminals and stop crowds of ordinary illegal migrants. Although the decree on the construction of the Wall on the border with Mexico, Trump signed five days after his appearance in the White House to face the fact that this and his other decrees aimed at combating illegal migration were blocked by the courts and became a mere shock of air.

It is clear that Trump does not really want to wall out walls from the whole world, he and his administration only want to observe their own legislation in the migration field, which is openly trampled by democratically directed states and cities that give shelter to "illegal immigrants" despite the creation of that criminality.

Trump's ideal is different, he needs people to come, but it must be people who love this country, who are able to love this country and really help us in making America great again. Of course, this does not apply to bandits, drug smugglers and illiterate farm laborers who are creating competition with the American "red-necked". Like all American patriots, Trump worries that there are so many illegal migrants that they no longer want to assimilate. He is afraid that in the country there are more and more areas where it becomes indecent to speak English, which supersedes the Spanish, that during sports competitions in which American and Mexican athletes participate, many Americans suffer from the passports for the latter. If things go on and on, Mexico will return from the United States lost in the XIX century, the territory, which is home to the bulk of Trump supporters.

Summing up

Of course, Trump is unlikely to send 12 million people who speak mainly Spanish, not only Mexicans, but also natives of other countries of Central and South America who are illegally staying in the US. It's good, if he can manage at least with the criminals from among them. It will be good if, after a small number of years, 12 million do not turn into 24, and Native Americans will not have to suffer because they do not speak or speak poorly in Spanish.