Syria: From Heroin Attack to the National Front

Don't Bomb Syria - Flag Man/Garry Knight/

After sly slogans of the public on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans that “Trump is not ours anymore! Tomahawk strike in the back!” and “The tycoon became a real man, he beat up on Russians”, the Middle East country that has been exhausted by war so far has the situation which can eventually lead to the end of the protracted civil confrontation.

It is well known in the US and Europe that bloodthirsty Bashar Assad attacked the Syrian children with the chemical weapon. Up to death. So, peace-loving beauty Ivanka Trump asked her daddy to strike these non-human beings with 59 Tomahawk. In his turn, the political science Ph.D., professor of Politics in Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, Mirzayan Gevorg does not live either in the USA or in Europe, and he, as well as the majority of sensible people, stays more skeptical about the versions of the Western officials and the media.

“The Western partners are not going to investigate objectively this incident” – Mr. Mirzayan said during his interview on Tsargrad TV channel. “ It does not matter if the investigation will show who is right or who is guilty because it is clear that Bashar Assad did not use the chemical weapon. The Syrian leader is the last person who needs it, especially, in the situation that he is involved now. Assad had good possibilities before: he had success in military and politics, even Trump and Erdogan admitted that they would not overthrow him… and then he decided to commit political suicide! It is so obvious that it was set up in order to provoke the American strike on Syria”.

Also, the political expert noted that the casualties of “the chemical attack” did not look like the people died from the chemicals. They looked more like people who died from heroin overdose.

“I support the version of our Minister of Defense that the government troops of Syria attacked the storehouse with heroin rather than with sarin” - Gevorg Mirzayan admits. “Watching the video we clearly see that they are not victims of the chemical weapon but they are rather victims of opiate according to their external features. Everything becomes clear if we recall that fighting Syria is a part of heroin chain smuggled from Afghanistan”.

The expert lives and works in Russian, in the country, where after the US missile attack on the Syrian military airfield lots of Russian people suddenly decided that Trump was not different from his predecessors and he, of course, would not be a partner anymore. However, Gevorg Mirzayan is looking over emotions.

“What happened on the airbase is not the military interference of the USA in the Syrian conflict. This is “Trump's Show”, that was made up in order to divert the attention of those influential Americans who say: “Trump is a Kremlin puppet”, “ this billionaire is a weak person who is responsible for nothing, - the political expert thinks, - Fortunately, in order to ease the tension, Trump found the least bad solution in this situation - he decided to strike with missiles the small airfield with old non-functional planes. And, of course, thanks to our help he found this location”.

Now, the expert assumes, they will restore the status quo that was before the missile attack happened and the American leader’s actions will stay the same. However, the “American hawks” will be satisfied with “victorious attack” and Russia will be content with Trump’s words that the US is not going to strike Syria anymore. According to the expert’s opinion, it is very important that Washington will not react on the same provocations in the future that Vladimir Putin warned his American partners about.

Now, according to the expert’s opinion, the main goal of Russia is find the political way to end the Syrian civil conflict. For this reason, it is essential to make the representatives of different religious, national, political groups sit at the same table and convince them to speak with each other. This working platform can be the National Front that is being created in Syria.

“The opposition in Syria is divided in two groups: those who do not want the war, those who want to continue the war”, - the political experts assumes – “The second group are those who are getting the support of “our Saudi friends” and they can only be destroyed or forced to move to the first group. As for those who want to finish the war, they really want it, however, each group has its “but”. For instance, the Kurds need the autonomy and pro-Turkish rebels that execute Turkish orders, on the contrary, they do not want the Kurds’ have their autonomy, and it is even unwelcome. The Syrian National Front is a raw union now which will have to be worked out to become a political compromise. If Russia is capable to achieve it, it can gain much more scores in the rating of the world diplomacy. We will show that we want not only to end the war but we are capable to find a solution in the unsolved situation”.

At the same time, the political expert is sure that Moscow cannot accomplish the task on its own. That is why, it is necessary to engage Tehran and Ankara that also wants to get away from the Syrian adventure because of losing money and influence in the region. Gevorg Mirzayan shared these ideas in the studio of Tsargrad channel. Only time can show us how these ideas will be realized in the future.


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