Syria, in the heart of the world


For the first time in the history of wars we see that a small city in Syria, or even a village or a street (even most Syrians in other cities did not not hear about these before) drew in many armies, with the participation of the air forces of the two most powerful nations in the world, and with logistical support by regional countries given to thousands of terrorists, backed by NATO, coming from all over the world. All of that is accompanied by international diplomatic movements in the corridors of the United Nations, and with a media war at the international level. What is the secret of this great strategic importance, which is embodied in every small point on the territory of Syria?

Syria is one of the most important geopolitical and economic centers in the international equation for the major parties. The position of Syria on the east bank of the Mediterranean makes it a coastal Asian continental Gate, for the axis of NATO, which represents the "marine Empires" which control the maritime trade. The "marine Empires" represented by NATO need the site of Syria to besiege the corresponding continental Eurasian axis (land forces), according to the "Anaconda" principle, which was taken from the Atlanticist thinker Alfred Mahan, depending on his ideas, a lot of leaders of NATO used this principle in the siege of hostile territories from the sea, and across the coastal lines, to ensure the gradual and the progressive attrition of the contender, and here lies the task of the Eurasian axis, to maintain the surrounding beach of the Eurasian continent.

Syria's position is linking the three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, and thus Syria is located at the intersection of exchange and trade lines between the continents.

America and some Western states want to control Syria to extend power pipe-lines from the Persian Gulf to Europe via Syria, to break Europe's need for Russian gas and to weaken Russia, because they are afraid of Russia and because it stands against their wicked plans, as well as to make the Syrian land and harbors into a conduit for importing and exporting goods to the Arab Gulf states.

The positioning of Syria in the north of Palestine makes it as a key target for the movement of international Zionism, they want to control it in order to implement their plans in the region; this factor gave Syria a very large geopolitical importance, but at the same time, it makes Syria as a major factor in the international equations because of the excessive sensitivity of this case, so there is no possibility to neglect it.

Syria is very rich in natural, human, and cultural wealth; the oil and natural gas are the most important natural resources, followed by phosphate and rock salt, plaster, asphalt, manganese, lead, copper and other important resources that are used as raw materials in the industry.

Syrian civilization started tens of thousands of years ago, and Damascus is the oldest inhabited city in the word. Syria's civilizations are the greatest successive civilizations of the east, which enriched the human experience in various fields, the most important one is the oldest alphabet in history, in Ugarit, Mari and Ebla, thousands of figures and huge archives included a lot of business, political, legal and mythological texts, were discovered here. The Phoenician and Aramaic civilizations were in Syria, Palmyra and Bosra, and other sites are more valuable than oil and gas.

Syria from a geographical point of view has a diversity of terrains, there are mountains and plains, desert and sea and rivers, the Mediterranean climate is a beautiful climate with its warm sun, this helps to have great diversity in agricultural and livestock production, as well as fishing, and the real numbers of this production may amaze many people, and they are more than the official statistics of the government.

Therefore it was this evil attack on Syria in 2011 by the Atlanticist axis, which has secretly and openly supported terrorism from all over the world, and funded terrorists with money and weapons, in an attempt to get Syria out of the way in the international equation, but they came into collision with the unity of the honorable Syrian people, who gave hundreds of thousands of their sons for Syria to stay, and also with regard to the support of the Eurasian axis under the leadership of the Russian Federation, so in the new international equation in the geopolitical sense, the part in which Syria will play, will be able to influence the international reality.