The Struggle for the Soul of Humanity

By Corrado Giaquinto


There is a real straggle now for the soul of humanity. And for me, because I am a Jew and Israeli, the role that Jews play in this entire world conflict is essential. As usual, Jews are a kind of in the middle of both sides. And that is a very interesting situation.

The last time when the Jews were as influential on the world stage as now was during the time of Bolsheviks' Revolution in Russia. The October Revolution, which will have a hundred-year anniversary this year, was done mostly by the Jews. So, these people like Trotsky or  Kamenev  -  they were  Jews. If you look up their real names, you'll see that they were Bronstein and Rosenfeld.  After the revolution and Stalin's repressions the Jews became much less eventual in Russia. But pre-revolution and just immediately post-revolution Jews were very instrumental.

The next time was the creation of the state of Israel. Netanyahu's Israel is acting on the side of the God. And it is not an accident that Netanyahu had horrible relations with Obama but excellent relations with Trump and with Putin. So, it is clear that there is a strong relationship, which is now building between Israel and Russia, and I think that relationship is for the good of the whole world.

On the other side, there is America. The American Judaism is very is influential. Half of their mainstream media is Jews. And Jews in America is just 2% of the population. But if you look at boardrooms of the New-York Times, the Washington post, CNN, NBC- Jews are between 30-50%. And that is crazy. If you go from the 2% of the population to twenty times more when it comes to mainstream media - that is not an accident. I am a scientist and an engineer, and if I am doing an experiment and I see that something is twenty times more than supposed to be - I cannot say that this is a random event. If I say that my article will never pass.

On the other hand, there are several powerful Jewish voices that are in support of Trump, and nationalism. So, it splits the front line between Jews who oppose Trump and Jews who support Trump. Is the same line between Jews who support Israel and who oppose Israel. The Jews, that oppose Israel are pro-Obama, pro-Hillary and are against multipolarity. They are the ones you hear on CNN and read in the New York Times or Washington post.

Israel is no escaping the fact that there is the straggle between good and evil. The war with the Nazi was the great straggle between good and evil for my grandfathers’ generation. But now we have our own straggle between good and evil. And that is the straggle between globalism and nationalism. And the lines are different, but a couple things are similar. Germany is on the side of evil just like it was in the 40's. Russia is in on the side of good just like it was in the 40's. And America is undecided just like it was until the end of the Second World War. They only  helped with some equipment, but it did not really enter the war until 1944 when Russia basically had already broken the Wehrmacht. The Nazi army was finished by the time America finally joined the war. Therefore, America came down on the side of good, but not immediately. And I think we are seeing  the same situation today. America is being divided, being conflicted, and we can only hope, that it will come out of the side of good.

Now, the Jews are different, because in the 40's they had no power and no state. But these days  the Jews have a state with nuclear capability and one of the strongest military in the Middle East region. Israel is highly nationalists state, and that is why it is on the side of good rather than on the side of evil. So, we will see, how it works out.