Statement of HRH Prince Vladimir Karadjordjevic about attack on Syria


HRH Prince Vladimir Karadjordjevic made a satement on the events of 12.04.2018:


Today, between 03 and 04 AM, local time, was conducted a military attack against Syria by the USA, United Kingdom and France (103 fired missiles, 71 intercepted by the Syrian forces). This military action is clandestine and represents a violation of international law. In many points it is similar to the preparation and execution of military campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999, after the false and staged event in Račak in Kosovo and Metohija. The clandestine nature of the military attack against Syria lies in the following:

1. The decision about the attack was brought without the Security Council of the United Nations.
2. The informations and proofs about the supposed „chemical weapons attack of Assad's forces in Douma“ were not examined and collected by any relevant international body in charge for this. As General James Mattis, the US Secretary of Defense said „the proofs about the use of chemical weapons in Douma are based on the media and ngo reports.“
3. The decision about the engagement of United Kingdom in this campaign was brought in an irregular and rather surprising manner, without consulting the House of Commons by the Prime Minister Theresa May.

The elements of the context of the military attack against Syria are:

1. Bashar al Assad was in the final stage of war in Syria with almost full control and, consequently, peace in the country and it is not logical at all that he would conduct a chemical attack in this moment.
2. The town of Douma, in which the attack supposedly took place, is one of the last strongholds of the rebel forces which are the instrument of the USA in the Syria proxy war. It would be logical to expect some engagement of the US and its allies in order to help their instrument on the ground, even as a consequence of some not profoundly examined or only estimated event.
3. This, for world peace profoundly irresponsible military action, could be analyzed as the possible tactical option of President Donald Trump on the purely internal scale – as an elegant escape from the public accusations for his connections with Russia especially related to the last presidential elections. In the same time, this military campaign could be an effective and more than needed method for Prime Minister May to switch the attention of public from the obviously false and fabricated Scripal episode to something else and more dramatic.

Taking all these facts into consideration, as well as the fact that Bashar al Assad represents the most important factor of protection of Christian communities in Syria against ISIS and other jihadist groups, I strongly deplore the clandestine military campaign against a sovereign state of Syria.

In Christ,