Statement by Agili Al-Brini, Head of the High Council of Libyan Tribes and Cities


The head of the Supreme Council of the Libyan tribes and cities of Ajili al-Brini said that the third forum of the Council will be held until February 7 in the Ras Lanuf region (east of Sirte).

Al-Brini said in a statement to the media that the forum would be funded and organized by Libya without any external agendas, noting that invitations would be sent to the UN mission and the European Union, the African Union and the League of Arab States to participate in the events of the forum.

Al-Brini said that the statement, which will publish the forum, will contain the principles of the High Council of Libyan tribes and cities: the release of all detainees from prisons, the participation of the army in collecting weapons from militias and the disbanding of militias, especially in Tripoli and in the field of security.

Regarding the forum and its national role, Ajili al-Brini said: “The work began with the events of 2011, when the country was subjected to aggression. A number of national assemblies and conferences were held. The first meeting was held in Tripoli with the participation of more than 2,000 tribes (in May 2011. Approx. Publ.) In order to eliminate the conspiracy or stop it one way or another. Then the eyes rushed to the eastern region and the olive branch of the world stretched out ... "

"The purpose of the Western invasion of Libya was the destruction of an independent Libyan state by bombing it on land, from the sea and the air."

Al-Brini continued: “After that, many meetings and rallies were organized in Tarhuna, Beni Walid and other places, and then in 2014 a meeting was held in the southern part of Tripoli in the Azizian region, as a result of which a number of constants were agreed important of which are the release from prison of all persons detained by the militias, and the disbanding of the militia, as well as the creation of a unified national army and capable security agencies. "

“Since the invasion (in Libya of the NATO alliance. Note. Publ.) Destroyed the infrastructure and social structure of Libya and severed the social cohesion of society, we now have the task of restoring the social structure and national cohesion as it was. We understand that this is not easy, not easy, that it will take a lot of time. "

Al-Brini continued: “In mid-2015, a meeting was held in the Salouk area south of Benghazi, which resulted in the confirmation of previous Forum constants. The Supreme Council of the Libyan Tribes and the Executive Committee (in 33 persons and 240 persons respectively) were approved, as well as 80 people in each region, who represent the Supreme Council. "

At the meeting to be held this year, he said: “We agreed to hold a third meeting, and at the beginning we decided to hold it in southern Libya, but there is no security there.”

The meeting decided to hold a Forum (in the Ras Lanuf region), which will be attended by representatives of the Libyan elite, including the Bar Association, the Syndicate of Teachers, representatives of the administration, as well as parliament, the army and security. At this meeting, the importance of the military and security services was emphasized. In this forum, we will announce the need for urgent and quick elections to get Libya out of the dark tunnel. It is necessary to eliminate the political division and create a new parliament. And then we can say that we have returned the country to normal and ensured the safety of citizens and the stability of the country. ”

 N.S., Katehon, January 18, 2019.