The stakes of the war in Ukraine. A metaphysical perspective


With the onset of Russia’s vast military operation on the territory of Ukraine, the whole world entered a decisive phase of its history. And just as history is not a mechanical, implacable and fatalistic unfolding of events without meaning and finality, remaining open to infinity of options and properties, determined by the divine will, the end of this major battle is an uncertain one.

The whole of mankind seems engulfed by the rush of some stiches by an irresistible force, by the blind power of some insurmountable contradictions, the unraveling of which can have no other way than that of a life-and-death struggle between two beginnings, between two worlds, between two visions of life. This planetary confrontation apparently leaves no room for an end in which the two sides would come to terms with a compromise. Each of the belligerents craves the final annihilation of the enemy.

Behind the narrow plane of the two parties in a state of belligerence stand two antagonistic, diametral opposed visions of the world and of life. It is a major clash of radically different civilizations that cannot assert themselves other than in contrast to the opposite model. At the heart of this irreconcilable battle are two civilizational models.  In fact, two civilizations that differ strikingly. From this perspective let us list below the basic characteristics of the two existential paradigms, which are behind Russia and its allies on the one hand, and the collective Occident on the other, Ukraine being only a docile instrument of it.

Thus, here’s the identity profile of the two worlds from a metaphysical perspective.

• Telurocratic civilization versus Talasocratic civilization;
• the civilization of the Land versus the civilization of the Sea;
• continental civilization versus oceanic civilization;
• the civilization of celestial clarity versus the civilization of marine obscurity;
• stable civilization versus versatile civilization;
• vertical civilization versus horizontal civilization;
• the civilization of Tradition versus the civilization of Modernity;
• the civilization of the cross versus the civilization of the usury;
• the civilization of salvation versus the civilization of perdition;
• solar civilization versus lunar civilization;
• the civilization of love versus the civilization of hate;
• the civilization of the transcendent versus the civilization of the immanent;
• the civilization of spirit versus the civilization of matter;
• the civilization of masculinity versus the civilization of gynecocratic feminism;
• religious civilization versus pagan civilization;
• the civilization of the sacred versus the civilization of the profane;
• the civilization of mysticism versus the civilization of Gnosticism;
• the civilization of the dove versus the reptilian civilization;
• the civilization of creationism versus the civilization of evolutionism;
• the civilization of Christocentrism versus the civilization of anthropocentrism;
• organic civilization versus nihilistic civilization;
• natural civilization versus mechanistic civilization;
• the civilization of faith versus the civilization of Scientism;
• civilization of slow transformations versus the civilization of revolutionary ruptures;
• the luminous civilization of spirit versus the dull civilization of matter;
• the civilization of life versus the civilization of death;
• the civilization of the gift versus the civilization of money;
• contemplative civilization versus utilitarian civilization;
• the civilization of honor versus the civilization of interest;
• the civilization of the spirit of sacrifice versus the hedonistic civilization;
• the civilization of heroes versus the civilization of merchants;
• the civilization of the saints versus the civilization of idols;
• the civilization of the cult of labor versus the civilization of parasitic profit;
• rural civilization versus urban civilization;
• the civilization of moderation versus the civilization of abundance;
• the civilization of the natural versus the technocratic civilization;
• the civilization of harmony versus the civilization of chaos;
• the civilization of the beautiful versus the civilization of the abominable;
• family civilization versus civilization of sexual perversion;
• the civilization of fidelity versus the civilization of promiscuity;
• the civilization of morality versus the civilization of depravity;
• fertility civilization versus the civilization of sterility;
• the civilization of meaning versus the civilization of the absurd;
• the civilization of decency versus the civilization of indecency;
• the civilization of human genius versus the civilization of artificial intelligence;
• the civilization of man versus the civilization of transhumanism.

Therefore, this battle is not between two countries, but between two ways of living and interpreting life, and here it matters less that not everyone on Russia’s side is aware of its civilizational mission. Otherwise, it could not even be since this country endowed with a major historical mission suffered two huge civilizational shocks: the communist experiment and the liberal experiment. But despite these historical traumas in the depths of the collective unconscious, the ancestral archetypes, the Byzantine spiritual dowry, the continental cultural condos were preserved. Beyond the historical traumas, the outdated ankylosis and ideological tics, it is hides the regenerative vigor of a nation that has not abandoned its vocation to make history and to endure in time.

The convulsive struggle of all humanity as around an inexorable death began two years ago, with the onset of the terminal phase of the occult conspiracy aimed at the depopulation of the planet.  It felt that nothing could overturn the course of events.  But now will this war be able to stop the world genocide and end mass murders by injection, or will it just accelerate the implacable end of human civilization?

Our prayers go to our good God to allow the victory of the forces of light and to give us more time for life. In the face of impending death, we are all running out of time for repentance.

Our hope is that the bloody tragedy of the war in Ukraine will not hasten the end of the world, but only the end of this fallen world, which will be followed by a new beginning.

P.S.: And those who are still hesitant, not knowing which side of the front line to send their sympathy to, it would be good to remember only a few names of the monstrous figures who are in the camp of the anti-Russian pacifists: the financier predator and the sordid oligarch George Soros, the satanist super-star Madonna and Marina Abramović  famous for her sinister artistic improvises with Satanic rituals of cannibalism, murders of infants, sexual perversions, etc., this demonized person being closely related to the Illuminati Rothschild clan.

The entire army of mercenaries from all over the world, who two years ago were part of the Covid-19 scam, displaying their protective mask and urging us to inject ourselves, is currently already displaying another mask, that of peace lovers and simultaneously allies of the warriors in Kiev.  Behind these masks hides the hideous grin of evil globalist forces.