The Sophisticated Attacks of 9-11


The events of September 11th, 2001, dealing with the attacks on two towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, created the basis for a police-state transformation in the United States. It was created through an atmosphere of fear and the passage of very anti-constitutional laws, such as the “homeland security act”, which was supposed to be only a temporary measure. The war on terror, that President George W. Bush declared, referred to as a new holy crusade, has been used by the Pentagon to create a worldwide network of terror.

Now, the question is who actually demolished those towers? I can certainly tell you with 100% certainty, it was not Osama bin Laden, sitting in a cave with a deadly disease. Repeated images, that were shown on CNN, towers in flames - all of it was a form of crude brainwashing of the population. I myself was influenced by that the day of the event. I thought it was for real.

The question, which I think is much more constructive, is who directly ordered the 9-11 strikes. What is clear is that the Bush’s administration with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, sitting all the time in a war bunker under Pentagon, took advantage of the climate of fear that those attacks created among American people, to ramp up a global war for oil. The proof of that is that after a very superficial campaign against the Taliban, they demanded the extradition of Bin Laden. The Taliban government said: “If you have proof that he committed that crime, then yes, under our laws we will extradite him”. Of course, the Pentagon had no proof, because Osama bin Laden did not do those highly sophisticated attacks.

There is a state agency behind this. Which state – I won’t venture to say. But the Bush administration most likely was warned that such an event was going to happen, and prepared to launch a global war on terror, a war for oil.

The war in Iraq was all about oil. Several people from the administration said so, and it continues to be a war about oil in the Middle East. The US wants to control that oil, Dick Cheney said so in his speech in London in 1999. If you control the oil, as Henry Kissinger said, you control the entire nations. That is the game, oil and, for now, gas. Natural gas from the Persian Gulf towards the EU. Either Qatar or Iran will supply that gas, they are bitter enemies and they are in a battle to determine who is going to control those energy lines.

That is my comment on 9-11. The war on terror did not quite succeed in creating a new image of an enemy. Now they have begun a second campaign,  some new form of a Cold War against Russia and China. China and Russia are cooperating quite well, more closely than they have ever before. Chinese ia very conscious of the games that Washington is playing, trying to lure China into a war scenario, as they tried and failed to lure Russia into a war scenario over Ukraine.