The Confederation between Muslims and the People of the Book that was created and fostered by the Prophet Muhammad was sabotaged and destroyed by small segments of evil-doers, groups that are powerful materially but filthy and frothy like the foam of the sea.

In another historical moment, The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World by Dr. John Andrew Morrow would have been viewed as something “interesting” due to the topic it addresses. Its appeal, however, would have been largely limited to intellectual debate or a simple exchange of ideas. In contrast, due to the current socio-political situation in the world, this topic assumes greater interest, and a much broader projection and trajectory, for the inhabitants of this planet. This is because on-going conflicts and political developments have acquired dramatic importance in view of their increasingly dire consequences. In short, either we engage in a radical restructuring of the global geo-political system to assure that the planet is balanced and sustainable or we continue our mad march towards ecological genocide and everything that it implies. Evidently, whether the planet opts for one path or another depends enormously on the position taken by Christians and Muslims. The book in question places this compelling question on the table in its discussion of the covenants of the Prophet Muhammad and the Christians of the world, and their relevance to unfolding events on the world stage. 

Although it has become common to hear calls for “interfaith understanding,” these overtures generally never go beyond mere formalities. Quite often, they are simply motivated by a desire “to look good” by presenting the parties as people who are “tolerant” and who value “diversity.” In some cases, such dialogue is spearheaded by honest, well-intentioned, and sincere parties who wish to concretely promote peace and reconciliation. In most instances, however, the people involved in such initiatives are powerless. In other words, they do not have the means to influence the ideas and decisions of the powerful. Moreover, whenever real, concrete, steps are taken, when theories start to be put into practice, and the potential for real progress presents itself, the destroyers of humanity surface, under different guises and disguises, to ensure that nothing tangible is accomplished.

To destroy popular, democratic forces, which are often more traditional than the forces of the power elites, organizations are infiltrated, rivalries are encouraged, the seeds of dissent and division are planted, and chaos is spread.

If this does not suffice to neutralize the human resistance, the economic overlords commission their agents to trigger terrorist attacks and commence military conflicts. At the same time, they employ their impressive propaganda arsenal to attack historical and spiritual truth, spread confusion, and saturate everything with lies, contradictions, deformations, and aberrations. By so doing, they deform, dismember, destroy, and adulterate both history and our human image of the Divinity. One of the methods employed by the power elites to achieve their global goals is to ignore, marginalize or sabotage serious, well-thought, scholarship which is devoid of prejudice with regards to historical events. They do everything possible to prevent people from drawing lessons from the past that could help them to create a better world.

Evidently, such imposed ignorance, along with efforts to undermine knowledge and universal truth, serves merely to encourage inequality, inconstancy, caprice, disunion, and delirium, as well as to spread evil and corruption on earth. The globalist elites strive to create a perverted consensus, the sort of climate that influences most the world’s population to accept veritable crimes against humanity, as if they were “normal,” “expected,” or “foreseeable,” by means of a darkening of the human mind on a planetary level. They rely on every conceivable tool or method to make sure that people do not learn about historical facts and events. By so doing, they keep the masses sleeping, passive, and indifferent. In this effort, two elements play a central role:

1. Fanatics, from one side or another, who ignore that social sciences cannot operate on the basis of absolute terms since human beings, due to their own nature, are a combination of purity and impurity, with very few exceptions. Acting like madmen or women who are possessed by the devil, these extremists prevent any kind of positive socio-political, economic, and spiritual steps from being taken, thereby leading the community of believers into idiotic and self-destructive struggles.

2. The large media conglomerates, which are agents of the corrupt and corrupting materialistic system that currently dominates the world, devote their efforts to popularizing trivial and insignificant issues while, at the same time, fostering anti-ethical and anti-spiritual attitudes as if they were somehow of value. While making a mockery of morals, values, ethics, religion, and spirituality, they present atheism, secularism, materialism, and consumerism as the only rational lifestyle while portraying hedonism, violence, nudity, pornography, filth, and profanity as if they were somehow normal and natural. Rather than promote the good and forbid the wrong, they demonize good and sanctify evil.

As a direct result of this constant cultural conditioning, the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population is brainwashed into believing the lies spread by social engineers as if they were absolute truth. Going with the flow, like bison stampeding off a cliff or lemmings leaping to a watery grave, virtually no one in the modern world is concerned with values that could in any way contribute to the balanced development of humanity.

The indisputable greatness of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World is that it represents a genuine effort to overcome the obstacles to human development that have been placed by the global elites. The work challenges them on one of the most powerful points, namely, by making the true  history of the early encounters between Islam and Christianity known to all, as opposed to the invented version based on the myth of violent conquest and confrontation. In so doing, the author has raised a beacon of light illuminating a pathway to harmony which could lead to a new dawn of understanding that is qualitatively different from the contemporary darkness.

As Dr. John Andrew Morrow rightly explains, there are those for whom such a shining path would pose a serious inconvenience, namely, the very people who have plotted and planned to prevent Muslims and Christians from co-existing together in peace and prosperity. They are those who have incited violence between religions with the objective of destroying the harmony that once existed between them. They are represented today by those who are willing to do anything and everything to hinder the re-establishment of this original understanding.

As the author makes clear: “the continued conflict between Christians and Muslims across the world has been artificially ignited by the forces of imperialism.” If the conflict between the two religions, as Morrow points out, reached its peak during the so-called “Crusades,” there remained, under the ashes of this devastating blaze, the spirit of a mutually beneficial relationship which dates to the very onset of the Prophet Muhammad’s mission.

The understanding and sympathy that arose at that time between Jews, Christians, Muslims, Zoroastrians, and other communities, was not the product of chance. On the contrary, it was the outer manifestation of a profound root condition which made positive interaction possible. When such a relationship failed to develop at different points in Muslim history, it was not the result of philosophical or ideological disagreements. Rather, it was the result of the actions of small, but powerful, sectors that sought to profit by dividing Christians and Muslims and by encouraging conflict between them. 

Such a sinister plot, which was aimed at undermining the Ummah created by the Prophet Muhammad, could never have succeeded were it not for the complicity of evil-doers from both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. What is more, it was imperative for those agents of damnation to destroy the Confederation of Believers that existed between Muslims and the People of the Book so that they could spread corruption throughout human society. Had Jews, Christians, and Muslims stood together as the Family of Abraham, the enemies of God and Humanity would never have succeeded in spreading the Kingdom of Darkness. This is the great and profound truth which the author expounds upon masterfully. And, why, exactly, is an understanding of this truth so important nowadays? Let us see.

In the twentieth and twenty-first century world, namely, in the period when “democracy” has been presented as some sort of panacea, the mass media, television, radio, cinema, and the internet, have come to occupy such a distinguished role in human affairs that they are virtually considered to be earthly divinities. The situation has reached a point where some people, in order to assert the truth, swear that they saw it in a movie, saw it on television, or read it on the internet. In other words, it seems that the repeated and persistent propagation of information causes it to acquire some sort of “sacred” character as “verified fact” and “absolute truth.” Evidently, if a lie is repeated often enough, it generally becomes accepted as truth.

Once this method of brainwashing was established, another was applied which currently operates in tandem with it. Information or propaganda is generated for a single purpose: to materially benefit and favor those who produce it. Facts are divided and distorted.

They are seamlessly blended with largely irrelevant content, including commercials and entertainment. The outcome is a form of information which is a mishmash of falsehood and fragmented facts, united by no consistent or valid conceptual framework. As a result of absorbing, ingesting, and digesting this hodgepodge of jumbled truth, half-truths, and outright lies and misinformation, the subject acquires pre-molded concepts which are favorable to the interests of the corrupt and the corruptors. This is how new paradigms, symbols, and representations are created: the overwhelming majority of which are ill-intended manipulations.

It is not only multinationals that are in the business of “corporate branding” to make sure that children will be irresistibly and subconsciously attracted to their products when they grow up: governments and other political groups employ the same method. Human beings are indoctrinated into what is right and wrong, and what is true and false, through secular-materialistic mind manipulation. The world has become unipolar. The current age could be called the Age of Cyclops, a world in which there is only one vision and only one way of acting and in which “alternatives” are illusory like two sides of the same coin or the twelve faces of a pair of dice.  Even the so-called “critical thinking” taught at school and university simply operates within the parameters of the only acceptable system. While intellectuals are urged to “think outside of the box” they rarely stop to ask “who made the box?” nor can they really see the boundaries of the box since they are aware of nothing outside of it. 

Who are the manipulators of public opinion? Normally, the ideas, concepts, criteria, and values that are spread by the mass media are those that are established by and those that serve the interests of the economic octopuses and the destroyers of the world. Who do these destroyers of humanity rely upon in order to advance their plans for political and ideological domination by creating a consensus that is favorable to their interests? They depend primarily on intellectuals. For this reason, it is currently very difficult to find any true opponents of the establishment or economic empire in the mainstream media. What we do find, however, are figures who “act like the opposition” or assume the role of the devil’s advocate to provide the illusion of democracy and dissent. These figures, however, are merely the product of the creators of public opinion.

These so-called opponents or adversaries, are simply playing the part that was scripted for them by the creators of public opinion. It is for this reason that I must emphasize, once again, the importance of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World because its author, Dr. John Andrew Morrow, unlike those intellectuals who are assigned by the establishment to speak about the principles of the “democratic process,” does not fall into any of those “traps.” The most important role played by these intellectuals-for-hire in the field of dominant ideas is the creation of the speculative apparatus that establishes the ideological control required for savage capitalism to reap its benefits. Let us consider a few points that will help us better understand how this process operates.

Before the onset of First World War, Jean Jaurès (1859-1914 CE), the French Socialist leader, was, in fact, able to convince troops from both opposing parties that they were heading towards senseless slaughter in the eyes of most people. He helped them realize that the entire conflict was fanned by minuscule groups that were intent on benefiting economically from the extermination and genocide of millions of people. In other words, he explained to them that the war only benefited the hypocrites that were sending them all to the slaughterhouse to increase their material wealth to unprecedented levels. This plot to profit from death and destruction was denounced by Jean Jaurès. What, then, did the merchants of death do to protect their perks and material benefits? They physically removed the French politician from the scene because his existence was an obstacle to their malevolent objectives. As much as they pride themselves in “freedom of expression,” the powers-that-be only tolerate free speech if it does not threaten their vested interests. 

It was these same sectors, these very small but materially powerful groups, that triggered the First World War in the same way that they created horrific conflicts before and in the same way they would unleash them again in the future. They are the very same people who are presently promoting the so-called “clash of civilizations” or “clash of religions.”

It is essential, necessary, and imperative to realize that these “clashes” represent an absolutely artificial set-up, a fire that was ignited, and which is fueled and fanned by puppet-masters with shameful and criminal intentions with the objective of remaining in their sinister positions as the undisputed “rulers of the world.” It is these people who coined the name of their reign: The New World Order. Obviously, this system contains nothing “new;” rather, it simply brings the old imperialistic agenda to a new, more deeply-rooted, stage. The globalists are no longer interested in colonies or empires: they seek full-spectrum dominance and a global government in which countries are prisons for the poor but borderless for billionaires. 

The process of turning one party against another for the profit of a privileged elite of evil-doers is currently reflected in the conflict between Christians and Muslims. It must be remembered, however, that the situation was very different at the dawn of Islam. As Dr. John Andrew Morrow demonstrates in his book, the intent of the Prophet Muhammad was to create a Confederation of the People of the Book, a world community of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, a sort of Family of Abraham which welcomed as citizens all those who were committed to social justice. Later, however, during various historical periods, a minuscule malevolent sector imposed itself upon the vast majority of Christians and Muslims by means of vile tricks and ruses. This was and is the “Great Game” of European and North American imperialists.

As we have already pointed out, with the twentieth century behind us, and the twenty-first ahead of us, we are, once again, confronted with a situation in which the ruling elites have redoubled their efforts to sabotage any possibility of profound and positive understanding between Christians and Muslims. And it is not a coincidence that those who pursued this destructive objective, some fifteen centuries ago, are essentially the same ones who are doing so at the present time. Only this time, they do so disguised under the names of other denominations, covered in different cloaks, and presenting other excuses to justify their agenda; hence the importance of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World.

If Christians and Muslims, who share more similarities than differences, begin to understand the manufactured nature of the conflicts in which they are engaged, a giant step could be taken towards a common understanding in which justice becomes the axis and in which peace, development, progress, and prosperity, are the products.

This may, in fact, be the only way that those who falsely proclaim themselves to be “defenders of Christianity” or “defenders of Islamic purity” will be exposed for what they truly are: the servants and hired hit-men at the service of a minuscule cult of mass murderers who, directed by their masters, sponsor horror on a global scale, relying largely on the vast mass media networks that they themselves control.

Time and again, those who proclaim themselves the “defenders of freedom and democracy” send sincere, but deceived, people into the battlefields of unjust wars. If these people, who unknowingly serve inhuman interests in the capacity of cannon fodder, could clearly see things for what they are, they would never participate in aberrant and fratricidal military confrontations. There would no longer be killings of Muslims by so-called Christians or any killings of Christians at the hands of so-called Muslims. There would no longer be Salafists or so-called Jihadists disguised as followers of the Prophet Muhammad committing perverse and bloody attacks in order to help the enemies of Islam. Nor would there be Christians, led by so-called “fundamentalists,” annihilating Muslims in atrocious massacres.

It is the ignorance or disregard of the original relationship between Muslims and Christians that permits the continued loss of countless human lives, not for the good of any religion or civilization but, rather, for the benefit of corrupt, hypocritical, and murderous atheists who disguise themselves as Christians and Muslims. Fortunately, the true nature of Islam and its relationship with the People of the Book has been re-established by Dr. John Andrew Morrow with freshness and authenticity from the depths of history where it had remained hidden by imperialists and powerful criminals because it was not, and is not, in their interest for it to be known. It must be made perfectly clear that the only thing that pushes these genocidal murderers to act as they do is their desire to continue filling their chests with gold. They pursue their world-wide criminal agenda even though the wealth they amass is bought at the price of human life, suffering, torture, and the most atrocious and incurable illnesses affecting millions upon millions of human beings.

For them, war is business opportunity. Why wait for it to raise its ugly head when you can create it? Why wait for an epidemic if you can manufacture it?

Without a doubt, The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World has one major goal in mind: to help clear human minds of lies and darkness so that sane people, from everywhere on the planet, might join hands to achieve true freedom and liberty for every inhabitant of earth for, verily, only the Truth will set us free. But which “truth” are we talking about? We are speaking of truth that is not determined by any mortal but truth that was established by God and which served as the basis of the Ummah or Confederation of Believers created by the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century, a pluralistic society in which Muslims and non-Muslims co-existed as fellow citizens and friends. Many might ask: “How could such a reality, experience, and relationship be revived?” Let us see.

Human beings have, in general, been rather rebellious throughout history when it comes to abiding by sacred instructions. This fact, along with the groundwork laid by the predators of humanity which we have already mentioned, has ultimately produced a secular society which is frivolous, fickle, and devoid of either human or divine significance. In point of fact, we currently live in a period in which worldly preoccupations have acquired their most widespread expression. This process had led to the point where virtually all expressions of religiosity have been reduced to simple and harmless formulas which are repeated automatically while human potential has been overvalued and overemphasized.

Once the sense of transcendent has disappeared, perfection is replaced by imperfection, truth is replaced by supposition, and the absolute is replaced by the relative. Consequently, human beings, in their vanity and spiritual blindness, set God aside and attempt to replace Him with idols of their own making. These spiritually blind beings imagine that there is nothing above their own decisions, their laws, and their power. On the one hand, they disavow and refuse to recognize God while, on the other hand, they invent a new, self-centered, religion in which the only relevant things are vanity, ostentation, boastfulness, pride, arrogance, insignificance, and worldly opulence. This is the dominant “religion” of our time, the period of the so-called “clash” of civilizations, cultures, and religions.

Once the tie with the Creator is severed, all true notions or morality, liberty, right conduct, obligations, and responsibility are lost. When human beings ignore God and His Commands, they stop being human. They become dehumanized and transform themselves into things. They become mere objects, little different from a clod of earth or a piece of rotten wood. And it is precisely these dehumanized “things” that fall in line with the criminal organizations who own the material world, accepting their existence without any major reservations. Accordingly, the conscientious believer in a Divine Reality finds himself submerged in the sea of the mundane and the aberrant, an environment where concepts and practices that go against the One God, and which oppose the essential interests of humanity itself, grow and reproduce. The situation can be outlined as follows:

1) Small but powerful groups of manipulators believe that they have the right to do anything they please, seeking to be the sole deities in their materialistic universe. To achieve this goal, they accumulate vast amounts of wealth and power at the expense of others. Money and might are achieved and maintained by two means: through subjugating and massacring people, and through destroying, corrupting, and poisoning the planet. The rich and powerful engage in two capital crimes, mass homicide and ecocide, the cold-blooded killing of innocent human beings, men, women, and children, and the wholesale destruction of the planet.

2) The immense majority of the world’s population has been won over by empty religious practice that mechanically ritualistic, entirely emotional, and devoid of spiritual significance. Consequently, they easily tolerate, based on cunningly contrived arguments they are unable to see through, everything that destroys humanity. They accept that one must do what is “politically correct,” namely, that which is imposed by those who are powerful materially and who have at their disposal many resources to convince the brainwashed masses to support their cause. The tools of coercion at their disposal include: the mass media; the power to provide employment and to take it away; the control, in one way or another, of world organizations (such as the Security Council of the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, the World Health Organization, and NATO, to name but a few); consolidated banking groups like those currently being denounced in Europe by the European people, and so on and so forth. The overwhelming majority of the world’s population acts, as if they were fully automated, in defense of these institutions, bowing their heads before the mighty Mammon, all too often at the cost of their human dignity, if not their lives.

3) A tiny remnant of believers -- persecuted, discriminated against, subjected to multiple forms of isolation, slandered, tortured, and martyred -- remain firm in their faith in God and His Commandments. Furthermore, many institutions and social structures which were once the pillars of both sacred tradition and progressive development in the society of believers have become dominated, controlled, and corrupted by the inhuman policies of small groups of materially powerful people.

Because of such abominations, ordinary people attempt to adapt, without any resistance, to the dehumanization of society, passively accepting what is imposed on them, with the exception, as we have said, of relatively few human beings who are firm in faith. And as if that were not enough, many prominent representatives of the major world religions have openly transformed themselves into the defenders of these powerful worldly groups.

If we are asked, “Is there a way out of this situation?” we must respond: the strength and power of sacred metaphysical truth is far superior to the power of evil-doers, their armies, and their material wealth. In other words, we will respond by declaring that it is God who will definitively triumph for this is precisely what He has promised.

Without a doubt, we can say that we are in the darkest moment of the night; namely, the very moment prior to sunrise. And everything indicates that dawn is about to break. An indication of the immediacy of this new dawn is precisely the apparition of the work by Dr. John Andrew Morrow since it brings to light a practice and a relationship between religious communities which was well-worth maintaining and which should never have been lost.

The Confederation between Muslims and the People of the Book that was created and fostered by the Prophet Muhammad was sabotaged and destroyed by small segments of evil-doers, groups that are powerful materially but filthy and frothy like the foam of the sea. They were, and remain, the root cause for the division between Christians and Muslims. It is, therefore, up to sincere Christians and Muslims to put a definitive halt, with the help of God, to this loathsome and sinister scheme. This is, in fact, what Dr. John Andrew Morrow, the author of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World proposes to do, namely, to revive the original relationship between Christians and Muslims as well as between believers in the One God, which was, and certainly will be, pleasing to Him. And God knows best.


Translated by Dr. John Andrew Morrow.