Significant events in Austria and Italy


On this coming Sunday, December 4th, two events of cardinal importance will take place in Europe. Observing them can reveal how the Trump effect works, this time in Western Europe. In Eastern Europe, it has already made itself known through the elections results in Bulgaria and Moldova, where candidates from the globalists’ party, i.e., the local factions of the planetary Swamp whom Donald Trump has declared war on, miserably lost to pro-Russian candidates.

This time, presidential elections will be held in Austria, where the Swamp is represented by Alexander van der Bellen, the leader of the Austrian Green Party and Soros’ candidate, who is tellingly supported by Conchita Wurst. From the Putin-Trump party is the conservative Norbert Hofer, nominated by the Austrian Freedom Party - FPO. Hofer already beat van der Bellen by 15% in May of this year, thus driving the globalists to panic to the point of simply stuffing ballots in the second round in favor of the Green Globalist, van der Bellen. However, upon appeal by the leader of the FPO, Heinz-Christian Strache, the Austrian judiciary took the side of truth despite pressure from the Swamp. Thus, new elections were designated for December 4th.

These elections are being held at a time when the globalists have been dealt a huge blow by Trump’s victory and are hardly ready to instigate new machinations.

If one follows the will of the Austrian people itself, then Hofer has all the chances to win. If this happens, then we will be nearing the end of the EU to a significant extent. After all, the conservative Hofer represents the Eurosceptics who demand that Austria regain full sovereignty and who call for the dissolution of the Atlanticist bureaucracy in Brussels. Thus, the draining of the European Swamp is underway. The very fact that the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party is an opponent of homosexual marriage, gay parades, and is also a sincere friend of Russia is another significant condition. If Hofer wins, Austria has the chance to become great again.

December 4th is no less of an important date for Italy. On this very same day, a referendum will be held on reforms proposed by the liberal government of Renzi. Renzi, of course, is not as much of a frantic globalist as van der Bellen, but the constitutional reforms he has proposed are meant to keep Italy in the European Union at all costs, even by means of economic measures that will undermine the wellbeing of Italians. Moreover, Renzi proposes to limit the powers of the Senate and strengthen his own authority. Renzi has bet everything on the referendum. If Italy says “no”, then this will entail the resignation of Renzi’s cabinet and, most likely, the collapse of the EU in its continental part.

It is very important that the rising star of Italian politics, the leader of the conservative Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, has taken a tough stance and urged Italians to vote “no.” If Renzi has urged everyone to vote “yes,” then Salvini is for “no.” And Salvini, like Hofer, is a Eurosceptic, a supporter of Italy’s exit from the EU, a friend of Russia, and also an opponent of legally-sanctioned homosexuality. Like Hofer, he is a friend of Trump and Putin. If Italy tells Renzi “yes,” then the death agony of the EU and poor Italy will be delayed for some time, which will be a victory for the Swamp. If “no” wins, then Salvini and the Northern League win, and Italy will have the chance to become sovereign and great again.

Therefore, this coming Sunday is a unique day, a barometer of those changes that are rapidly gripping the world. Since Trump’s victory, the battle between the global liberal Swamp and the people and the supporters of restoring sovereignty has been at the center of attention.

For Europe, there are now two beacons of light embodying victory over the Swamp - Trump in America and Putin in Russia. Both West and East are now working according to the same plan. Now, all that remains is to deliver the final blow to the Brussels Atlanticists and European liberal maniacs. The results on December 4th might be another milestone similar to Brexit, Trump’s victory, and the Atlanticists’ defeat in Bulgaria and Moldova.

We cannot foretell the outcome of December 4th. Moreover, geopolitics is not a take-all gamble. But we wholeheartedly stand with Hofer and Salvini. We genuinely wish that the Austrian and Italian people will win and we hope for the final collapse of the European Swamp. After all, this would also be our victory.