Secret plot to oust Theresa May


Negotiations on Brexit can end with a "secret plot" of the Conservatives against Theresa May.

Yesterday, official talks on the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union began. However, the debate about how much the scenario will remain "hard" does not subside.

Thus, the Supreme Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel gave a rather vague formulation that she favored a "good agreement". But in this case, what is good for German is death for British.

Fears for the fate of Brexit are justified. Despite the unambiguous results of the referendum, some still believe in the European "dream" and pressuring Prime Minister Teresa May. Semimers in this matter are beautifully called as a "soft scenario" - for example,  to stay in the customs union and continue to work on the integration of the British and European economies. 

As we remember, when joining the post of PM, May promised to be "uncompromising" on the issue of Brexit.

However, Western media are increasingly saying that Conservative partyists are preparing a secret plot to overthrow May.

Theresa May is trapped in a really difficult political situation. Her party showed surprisingly weak results on the parliamentary elections, which led to the situation of a "suspended government." In addition, ruthless (and largely well-deserved) criticism of May was subjected to a fire in the Grenfell Tower building in London, when about 58 people died. She is also criticized for unpopular pension reform and for police reform, which, perhaps, also played a role in the tragic events of the last month.

If, in such a precarious situation, May will makes concessions to the Labourists and renounces her promises on Brexit, the plot against her can not be avoided. Concerns about the "breakdown" of Brexit are also fueled by statements of European politicians. Thus, the Minister of German Economy Brigitte Zypries stated that "A reversal of Britain's decision to leave the European Union would be great". 

One of the ex-ministers in an interview with The Telegraph reported that May is no longer a unifying figure, she splits the party. "There is no benevolence in her attitude."

One of the problems of rolling to the "soft scenario" is purely financial: for a "friendly divorce" with the EU the UK will need to spend 100 billion euros.

That reminds the words of Donald Tusk: "The only alternative to hard Brexit is no Brexit at all".

But May's reputation is already irreparably corrupted. Many citizens were puzzled why the prime minister ignored the meeting with the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, in contrast to Labor leader Jeremy Corbin (May's main rival).

Therefore, negotiating Hard Brexit - is ,perhaps, the only chance of May to stay in the chair and maintain the support of the Tory.