Salvini Victory: NGO Ship Gives Up on Landing Migrants in Italy, Heads to Malta

The one, the only Matteo Salvini, the deputy prime minister of Italy and one of the major leaders of the worldwide nationalist, populist, and traditionalist movement, has scored yet another victory in his longline of accomplishments as the de facto leader of Italy. This time it involved the German-based NGO Sea-Eye and their migrant vessel that had been insisting on docking at an Italian port, but Salvini, who has pledged to close the borders of Italy from the flood of migrants coming from northern Africa, and particularly Libya, signed an order closing the port to the migrant vessels. Salvini did offer to allow the migrant ship to dock, but only if they had secured a pledge from other European countries to take the migrants in, which of course, they did not. And so, Salvini said no way, you are not coming into Italy, and after a bit of a standoff, the captain has now said he will not challenge and instead will be heading for Malta where the migrants will be dropped off.

Now, this was the second attempt by globalists to try to thwart Salvini’s immigration policies and border enforcement. You may remember, Salvini recently arrested the activist captain of a migrant transport ship named the Sea Watch that insisted, again, this is an important point, this captain insisted on docking at an Italian port. This captain deliberately defied an Italian ban on the ship entering their waters and eventually docked at LampeDUsa with 42 migrants on board after a two-week stand-off with Italian authorities, and this was after the captain turned down a number of offers from other nations to take the migrants in, she easily could have gone to Spain during that two-week standoff as well as Tunisia,that was also offering to take the migrants in. No, this leftwing globalist activists disguised as a captain insisted on docking at LampeDUsa in Italy, and so Salvini had her arrested and ordered Italian authorities to sequester the ship, and after she was arrested, he tweeted a video of the ship arriving and wrote that the outlaw captain had been arrested, the pirate ship was confiscated. Italy has levied a maximum fine on the NGO that funds the ship, the migrants have all been distributed to other European countries, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. 
And throughout the entire process, Salvini’s support soared among the Italian population, a leading market research agency confirms, the polls for Matteo Salvini’s party the Italian League, Lega, have actually gone up during this whole ordeal, from 34 percent approval to 37 percent, remember, in Italy, you need 40 percent to have a governing majority in the Italian parliament, and according to analysts from this market research agency, Lega could easily exceed 40 percent support. Salvini himself has a 60 percent approval rating, and is more popular than ever by virtue of his faithfulness in maintaining strict border security. There are estimates that migration has dropped an astonishing 92 percent under Salvini. 
I think it was in 2018, remember Salvini was ELECTED in 2018, so we are talking not even a year after being elected. Italy already had seen an 80 percent reduction in new migrant arrivals from the previous year, and again, Salvini sees this as nothing short of humanitarian. As a result of the strictures he is placed upon entering Italy, the number of migrant sea deaths have imploded. In 2016, there were over 5 thousand migrant sea deaths in the Mediterranean, and in 2018, after Salvini’s policies began to be enforced, there were just over 2000, again ALL tragic, no question. But the irony is that the more we think we are being compassionate in opening up Italy’s sea ports to massive migration, the more we will see tragedies like we did in 2016 and 2017. So Salvino's government continues to send a very, very strong message to the globalists in Brussels and throughout the world, Italy’s nationalist populist sovereign movement is here to stay. THIS is the new normal, national sovereignty is the new normal, and there is nothing that Soros or the Bullies in Brussels can do about it.
I think one of the most symbolic statements that Salvini made in all of this happened just a couple of weeks back when he officially closed what was until just a few weeks ago the single largest migrant center in all of Europe. The Mineo center, which is located on the island of Sicily, and was once a US military base, became a major, indeed THE major holding facility for migrants entering into Europe. At its peak, it was housing more than 4 thousand migrants. Well as of just a couple of weeks back, the center has been officially shut down, it is no longer going to be in use, and this is because of the astonishing success that Matteo Salvini has had in closing the borders of Italy; Italy of course being the main entry for migrants crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa into Europe, and the results speak for themselves. We have to remember that before Salvini came into power, Italy was being literally overrun by migrants, I mean the figures are simply astonishing.
Back in 2014, this is even preceding the migrant crisis of 2015, but back in 2014, there was a huge jump in the number of people entering Italy from North Africa. I do not know how many of you know this but the migrant total entering into Italy went from 42,000 in 2013 to an astonishing 170,000 in 2014. It quadrupled in a single year, and it did not stop. Migration reached a peak of 181,000 in 2016, and it was not just the whole issue of people flooding the country, it was also the tragedy of thousands of people drowning in their attempts to make the crossing. So Salvini campaigned on the insanity of this, and said if you elect me and my party, Lega, this insanity stops once and for all, which of course Italians did. They voted the Lega Party in, who in turn formed a coalition government with the populist Five Star, and Salvini became deputy prime minister as well as minister of the interior, overseeing migration and border enforcement. 
And do you know what he did? This is Salvini. In a single year, literally in a matter of months. Salvini reduced the amount of migrants entering Italy from a high of 181,000, to a mere 3 thousand so far this year. They have gone from 180 thousand to a mere 3 thousand under the one and only Matteo Salvini, and as part of that achievement, Salvini live streamed his visit to the Mineo migrant center, now empty. So he live streamed his walkabout tour of the empty facility to show off the effects of his border security policies. By the way, this live streaming that Salvini does, this is all part of why he is so popular. Italian politicians have tended to be aloof, very separated from the people, Salvini is the complete opposite. He is an amazing politician. Salvini has achieved this perfect persona of being a very real tough guy, but with a heart. He will shut down migrant facilities and turn away migrant ships that want to dock at Italian ports, and then he is seen smiling and joking and hanging out with people on the streets, and he just looks like this humble guy who wants to be your friend. That’s sort of the genius of Salvini. But what is REALLY his genius is his political sense. We have to remember that Salvini has taken a political party that up to just a few years ago, was on the brink, It looked like Lega was going to collapse, both politically and financially. When Salvini took over the party, it was barely getting four percent support in the polls. In a matter of five years, Lega went from 4 percent support to an astonishing 34 percent at the last European Parliament elections! And polls show their support has gone up even more since then. And so, with the turning away of another NGO migrant ship, we can chalk up another victory to the longline of accomplishments of the one and only Matteo Salvini.