Russophobia in the UK Reveals the Panic in the Establishment


Yesterday, despite the rain, plus the taunts and threats from the British Establishment and its puppet the British Media, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the largest Orthodox Church in the world arrived triumphantly at our cathedral to reconsecrate it and serve Divine Liturgy. The visit came against a backdrop of the most repulsive and hysterical Russophobia which has been instigated and fanned by the UK government. Over recent weeks and months Russian has been subject to a continual and uncontrolled media attack by the UK media. Here are just a few of the outlandish stories and remarks emanating from Whitehall / Fleet Street:

RUSSIANS ABOUT TO BOMB THE UK! British jets “scrambled to intercept two Russian [Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack strategic] bombers heading towards UK airspace” [The BBC]  The true story turned out to be much more mundane of course.

PUTIN IS WORSE THAN HITLER ! The ubiquitous ‘Hitler comparisons’ - what would we do without Hitler and the Nazis to compare people to eh? The references for this story are too countless to mention. The amusing thing being that the people the West is supporting and funding in the Ukraine (Azov et al) are actually waving swastikas !

(This is my favourite) PUTIN’S VISIT TO MOUNT ATHOS WAS IN ORDER TO SET UP A RUSSIAN EARLY-WARNING MISSILE DEFENCE SYSTEM ON THE PENINSULA. This story was from the respected journal The Spectator. At last the British public are aware that underneath the monasteries of the Holy Mountain is a kind of Russian Tracey Island where black-clad monks sit before massive radar screens!

PUTIN IS A WAR CRMINAL AND THE PATRIARCH IS HIS ACCOMPLICE KILLER. This is the constant refrain now as the war in Syria against Sunni fanatics reaches its climax.

The last point is the timeliest and most-oft repeated. I’m sure readers here are very familiar with the real war criminals in the Middle East (Syria and Iraq in particular) and they know that they sure ain’t the Russians! Yesterday on RT there was a brilliant long interview with US senator Richard Black detailing (yet again) the media blackout on the truth in the Syrian Civil War re: western funding of jihadis, the blackout on atrocities committed by the (laughably-termed) ‘moderate opposition’ . Senator Clark pointed out that one of these ‘moderate’ groups was filmed beheading a child who was taken from his hospital bed, driven to the town square and beheaded. The photographer also took a selfie of himself with the killers, grinning. He was the same photographer who took the viral ‘dusty child’ photo in Aleppo. One of these stories didn’t make the news here in the West – no prizes for guessing which one.  Thanks to Russian help Assad is nearly on the way to turning the tide against the Sunni fanatics - and the West is petrified. In a recent desperate move it seems they are actually trying to close down RT in the UK. But why are they so afraid that the truth about the Sunni Springtime will out? Why is the West so obsessed with regime change in the Middle East and in plunging the whole region into chaos? Some people point to Israel which has been very quiet in all of this. Israel looks like the only sure winner in seeing all its neighbours destroying themselves. There is something else lurking here though. The break-up of the Soviet Union  left the Soviet-orientated states of the Cold War high and dry and prime targets to be picked-off by the triumphant US. The real enemy for the USA in Syria is Russia. The reason is simple and complex. Simply, it gets right up the nose of the US that anyone but them can have a large nuclear arsenal and missile defence system. It is a thorn in the side of their total world dominion. The complex reason is related to a battle of world-views:

multipolar vs unipolar

traditionalist and diverse vs liberal hegemony

spiritual vs secular.

At  the BASEES conference in Cambridge two years ago speakers seemed agreed that ‘there would not be a new Cold War’ because ‘there was not an ideological struggle’.  I beg to differ – there IS an ideological struggle; Russia is gradually rediscovering her national roots and returning to conservative values, the West has 100% jettisoned her Christian past and culture to the extent that anyone who confesses their belief publicly is viewed as a ‘retarded freak’. Russia’s new-found sense of destiny scares the West because in their heart of hearts the Establishment fears that ‘the great unwashed’ might yet find out the truth – that they were hoodwinked by the Liberal Elite.