Russian trace in US Riots?


Protests in the US that began last week continue. American media report that President Donald Trump and his family hid in a bunker. While the protesters were smashing the shops, the populists “found” a “Russian trace” in protests and violence

The situation is heating up

Protests in the United States, which began last week, continue to increase and have already reached the White House. According to the New York Times, intelligence agencies have decided to hide American leader Donald Trump and his family in a bunker.

Literally the day before, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the gates of the White House. They shouted curses at Trump. After verbal abuse, people grabbed the bricks.

The situation was so heated that the Secret Service agents, judging by media reports, hid Trump and his family in a "safe place."

Americans may not forgive Trump's escape

Now society will not forgive Trump for his escape if this fact is confirmed.

  Recall that riots in many US cities have been going on for several days. They began after the death of an African American during his arrest on May 25, when one of the police officers made a brutal arrest of a man and put a knee on his throat.

The officer did not respond to the cries of his victim. a man died in a Minneapolis hospital. The officer was charged with manslaughter. Activists who took to the streets are sure: this is a "very soft charge." Hundreds, thousands of people staged not only protests, but also pogroms. So, for example, the crowd almost demolished shopping centers and shops.

Other activists say that not everyone was ready to ruin everything around. Many went to the streets to "assert their rights." Meanwhile, the police continue to use violence against anyone who is willing to give a hint about freedom, democracy and human rights.

"We protested peacefully, it was pretty scary because the police threw grenades from the roof of the station. They shot people with rubber bullets, it was like a war zone," said activist Kayla JuNay Johnson. During the protests, she suffered - received serious burns.

So...where is the "russian trace"?

According to recent data, about 150 US cities are in turmoil. But American populists began to claim that Russia was allegedly behind the crisis that erupted in the United States.

According to Susan Rice, ex-adviser to former US President Barack Obama, "this is a typical Russian style." It is clear that the matter did not go beyond unfounded accusations. On the other hand, what else can American officials do now, when the control over the situation is practically lost and their president, as the media claim, is hiding in a bunker?

All that remains is to blame the Russians for all the troubles. Experts predict that, sooner or later, the protests will end. And the people will not even remember the mythical "Russian trace". But the inaction of his own leader will be remembered for a long time.