Russia, Wake up, War is upon You!


This is war. It has come upon Russia from the West, once again, in every conceivable way except open military confrontation. This is because the West is both cunning and a coward. They want to beat Russia without any cost to themselves, so they have repeatedly said that they will not send troops to Ukraine because they think they can defeat Russia with their sanctions. And the West are increasing their sanctions. Russia is paying a price without getting anything for it!

And this will continue until the West gets what they want (a total Russian surrender) or until Russia takes something for the price she is paying - and liberates Novorossiya and Eastern Malorossiya. This is only logical and it is also a matter of Russian national security. The USA does not care about Ukraine nor Syria - they only care about Russia not getting stronger together with Novorossiya, or in the Middle East with Syria. So Russia must now act like the major power that it claims to be. It can start by taking out all the neonazi ukrainian artillery that constantly shells Donbass. Then it can declare a no-fly zone and launch a peacekeeping intervention in all of Novorossiya, just like in Syria.

Novorossiya is more than a dream; it is a reality in the making. There are 20 million people waiting for the creation of Novorossiya. We are witnessing the birth of a new nation and, like in all births, it involves pain. But, like with all births, the pain can be eased, in this case only by Mother Russia. Russia is responsible because she gave Novorossiya hope of sending decisive help. This should be done immediately by recognizing Novorossiya as an independent, but mostly occupied, state and by sending in Russian peacekeepers, even under the United Nations flag. This, of course, would not happen since the UN would be blocked by an American veto, but then Russia should act unilaterally, just as the USA does when it suits them. Russia has the moral and ethical obligation to do so. It will take time to re-build Novorossiya, and Russia can shorten that time and decrease the number of victims. Just look at how much a small Russian force has accomplished in Syria. President Putin will be feared by his enemies and even more respected by his people when he at last decides to actively help to liberate Novorossiya. He would go down in history as the president who rebuilt the Russian state (or who missed the chance).

The different Ukrainian governments since 1995 have tried to build a "national identity" based on hate towards Russia. They have not even tried or wanted to include all people in their “nation-building". They have succeeded in poisoning the minds of half of the people (all of Western Ukraine).

Unfortunately Russia did not react to the falsification of history and propaganda that was being taught in Ukrainian schools and shown on Ukrainian TV. Now Russia must save the half of the people that still is not poisoned by the fascists. But whatever Russia does, she will always be condemned as an aggressor by the West. Thus, Russia should face reality - this conflict could have been over two years ago, but Russia tried to play "the good Christian" by turning the other cheek only for the West and Kiev to happily hit that cheek too! Now it is time to wake up. Russian leaders should not dig the grave of Novorossiya and their own grave at the same time by trying to "play by the rules" - the West makes the rules and breaks the rules as it pleases them. Russia should do the same and forget about Western Ukraine/Galicia - they are not "Slavic brothers" or friends, but enemies now. But Novorossiya and all the lands east of the Dnepr River are still Russian lands, and Transnistria too.

Also, Western promises should all be disregarded, because they will all be broken. Even the gas contracts will be broken as soon as the West finds other energy sources. The West only looks at Russia as a provider of cheap energy and labour (or preferably energy free of charge, in the hands of Western companies), just like an African or Third World country or a colony.

The West will betray Russia, Kiev will betray Donbass, and both want Russia to betray Novorossiya. 

Russia must not fall into this trap. Some say that the Western trap is provoking Russia to intervene in the former Ukraine, in Novorossiya. But the real trap from the West is to get Russia not to intervene, and thereby put Russia back 20 years in political world influence and surround her with new enemies in a fascist Ukraine! I have followed Soviet/Russian foreign politics and the politics of the west towards the Soviet Union and later towards the Russian Federation over 40 years. I have found such hypocrisy from the West that it is disgusting and astonishing. They hate Russia so much (because she does not obey them) that they would sell their own parents and children if such could hurt Russia.