Russia should support Serbian patriots


As you know, we recently had elections. Afterwards, there was the long process of forming the new government. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic delayed the decision several times and dragged the process out for several months. The problem is that the government was not formed by him, but by the Western embassies which wanted to appoint loyal ministers. Hence why the lesbian minister could get her position in the new government of Serbia.

The figureheads have changed, but there are no people among them who have proven themselves in policy or the economy. It seems that this reconstruction was done just in order to strengthen Prime Minister Vucic’s power.

Recently, the president of Serbia declared that the government would not impose any sanctions against Russia. The president is known for his pro-Russian attitude. Also, it is necessary to understand that the prime minister is more influential in Serbia. Besides, Tomislav Nikolic's statement is tied to the upcoming presidential elections. He understands that more than 80% of Serbs are against the anti-Russian sanctions and want to maintain good relations with Russia. Serbs support Russia in the political, military and even athletic fields

Serbia was recently visited by US Vice President Joseph Biden. He is a very interesting person. During events on the Maidan, he sat in the chair of the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. His arrival had the goal of putting pressure on Serbian leaders.

There are reports that a secret agreement was arranged between Russia and Serbia to create a Russian military base in Serbia. Of course, the public is delighted. But it seems to me that Biden’s mission was to deal with this issue. Serbs are ready to provide Russia with the land for the base. But what did the Americans do? They bombed us, and then took away Kosovo, where they created the largest NATO base. Why shouldn’t Russia establish a base, especially if the Serbian people are not against it?

Herein lies a problem which few people understand: Russian diplomacy in Serbia itself is the problem. We have a Russian embassy and other representatives who are on friendly terms with both the prime minister and the president. There is the impression that the two leaders support the West, but the Russian diplomatic mission is not carrying out its mission sufficiently. The situation is the same in Montenegro where there are Russophiles fighting against NATO who aren't even welcome in the embassy. What I see in this is a liberal policy. It is necessary to choose a different strategy and different people, as it is necessary to begin supporting Serbian patriots who are friendly towards Russia. Without effective changes, it is possible that Serbia will be lost. Serbia is a real ally of Russia. It is all about the people. Our ruling elite would never dare go against the people, the majority of which are pro-Russian.