Russia and U.S. Finding Solidarity in Pro-Life Causes

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With the recent resignation of Gen. Michael Flynn over failing to disclose phone conversations he had with Russian counterparts regarding sanctions on their nation, one thing that can be lost among Western Christians is the profound moral solidarity that we share with the Russians. A case in point is the Moscow Patriarch Kirill’s recent support for the U.S.House of Representatives’ move to ban state funding of abortions. The House passed a bill in late January that forbids not only allocating tax funds for abortion but also granting tax credits to employers who buy insurance policies that include abortion. The Patriarch is advocating a similar policy to remove abortion from their obligatory medical insurance.

Further, on January 23, President Trump signed an executive order implementing the so-called Mexico City policy which abolishes the financing of international NGOs that provide or pay for abortions.A representative of the Patriarch’s office said that these measures “attest to the general Christian view of the sanctity and inviolability of human life from the moment of conception.”

Now this declaration of support comes on the heels of the President of the International Organization for the Family Brian Brown’s visit to Moscow promoting what is called the ‘Cape Town Declaration,’ which reaffirms the role of traditional marriage as between a man and woman as the bedrock of human civilization. In fact, the Declaration has been translated into Russian, as well as five other languages, to be signed by international supporters as a worldwide defiance an increasingly globalizedand aggressive LGBT political culture.

Back in January, Patriarch Kirill addressed the Duma, or Russian Assembly, where he spoke on their need to remedy the problem of abortion. He stated: “Thank God, we are seeing some definite progress. However, continuing to receive thousands of letters from the faithful with the request to call upon the authorities to solve the problem of abortion, I ask you not to abandon the gradual efforts to overcome this terrible phenomenon.” According to Interfax-Religion, the Patriarch went on to assert that outlawing abortion “is not a revolutionary change, but a return to normal life, without which men and women’s happiness is unthinkable, and the future of our people is impossible.”

I submit that conservative Christians in the U.S. have far more in common with Patriarch Kirill and the Russian people than we do with Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or any one at CNN for that matter. And for all the negative press towards Vladimir Putin of late, he has signed legislation prohibiting abortion ads and banning abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy, signed a bill prohibiting so-called ‘homosexual propaganda,’ and has even signed into law Article 148 of the Russian criminal code, which threatens prison sentences of up to three years for insulting the feelings of Christian believers.

I think we have to recognize that we are in a culture war that is far bigger than our own country. This culture war is going on at a global level, and Russia among many other nations recognizes that. And I’ve written and spoken on the notion that the primary reason why Christians so overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election is that they recognized that they both had a common enemy: globalists and globalization. While the media were fixated on the discrepancy between the traditional values of conservative Christians and Trump’s moral indiscretions, they overlooked the common globalizing concerns that both traditionalists and Trump shared.

And so while our mass secular media report so hysterically on the geo-political threat of Russia, we who are devoted to the resurgence of traditional Christian society had better remember how much we have in common with Russia and how much the secular American media stands in the way of that Christian commonality. I believe we are far stronger in aligning ourselves with a new international political order, at the heart of which is a renewed Christian Russia, dedicated to maintaining and protecting the resurgence of traditional Christian values throughout the world.