The Rothschilds have lost control over the world economy


Jacob Rothschild has expressed his concerns about the state of financial markets. According to him, mankind experienced “the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world”. Russian expert in economics Michael Khasin, has expressed his position towards this statement.

In general, it is dangerous to use the Rothschild’s name in our time, you can be accused of conspiracy. I'm not even sure that such a person exists. More precisely, I don’t think he has the right to say something different from the image, created for him. But in any case, I do not agree with this opinion. Central banks would be happy not to do such experiments, but they are forced by circumstances. The fact that they are doing it all at the same time – is not the result of a conspiracy, but a result of objective circumstances. They have been cornered for a very long. That is why there is a feeling of collusion. Yes, now they are really united, they have to communicate with each other to find a way out of this situation. But it really is absolutely hopeless. Central banks are likely victims of circumstances than the creators of this economy disaster.

If we assume that Rothschild does exist, in this case he is a very old person. His idea of how the monetary management system should be conducted has developed a long time ago. Then, the Federal Reserve Bank actually controls the situation. The strategy for it was carried out by Rothschild’s structures, primarily by  "Goldman Sachs."

Since then, the situation has changed. At the current time, they can attempt to regain control, although it will be very difficult. The Federal Reserve Bank is under the White House, and men from "Goldman Sachs" are not represented in Obama’s administration since 2013. Three years have passed since the Rothschilds lost control over the world economy. Even if they try to steer it right now, it will not lead to any good results. All the heads of central banks are cornered.

The geopolitical situation is a consequence of the economic situation. The whole model of control over geopolitics, which was lined up in 1944 and was finally established in 1991 with the destruction of the USSR, was built on the dollar economic model. This model does not work anymore, that is why the geopolitical configuration is disintegrating.