The role of infowars during Trump's campaign


I would not describe Infowars as a platform for Alt-right thought leaders, as many detractors claim.

Of course our movemet could use Infowars as an independant Media. I mean that throught Infowars a lot of people who are interested in Alt-right can find information about us as well as through Alt-Right website. I see two of these websites, which are huge by the way, similar in a sense that they both have been very pro-Trump and there has been a natural alignment there.

We can see thet in the past few weeks of the election the whole Trump campaign declined of smears and misinformations the lying media put out. That was incredible.

Donald Trump who is not Alt-right, I’m not sure anyone quite knows these things, was depicted as literally Hitler. Clearly the opposite was the case, Clinton was formally more likely to engage in a major conflict with Russia. But Donald Trump was portrayed like someone who could hit the nuclear button at 3 a.m. just because he disliked someone’s tweet or something like this.

The tension of desinformation was astounding.  Clearly, the mass media apparatus hated Donald Trump.

But in the last few weeks there was a little bit of the transition, the mass media right now began do decline the level of hatery. It seems like they accepted the fact that he has won and is going to be a president.  Now they will try to push him back in their direction, saying: “Ok, Donald. You said all those wild things during your campaign, but come on, you can also be a normal President. You can be just like Mitt Romney”.

Free media as Infowars played a great role during this compaign but they must keep on to stop the pressure of mainstream lying media.