The results of BRICS summit


Recently, the 8th BRICS summit was held in Goa. State leaders from Russia, India, China, Brazil and South Africa discussed a number of relevant issues. Our Indian contributor Adnan Aboobacker shares his opinion over the main topics, discussed on this meeting.

During  BRICS summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a forceful plea to global fight terrorism . This meeting gives all members an opportunity to isolate terrorist groups from Asia and organize more joint actions against those terror activities.

One of the real reasons why there is a terroristic activity, illegal drug trade and weapon trafficking  in the region is that Pakistan's government doesn't  take any strict actions against them.

Another problem is that this criminal network is a profitable platform of illegal trading it is secretly supported by  many powerful corporations and politicians.

BRICS summit made a stage for strategic alliance of world's top powers against their real enemy  – terror. Terrorism can spread across the Eurasia and  constitute a global and unprecedented threat to international peace and security. This is also a real threat to Eurasian economic development.

India increased the security of the country by buying more defense equipments from trusted friend –Russia. bilateral cooperation between the member countries has strengthened during the last years. This collaboration will led to increase economic support and trade between member countries.

Close relationship between member countries also opens a perspective for strengthening diplomatic and strategic relations.

8th BRICS Summit at Goa concluded with BRICS nations unanimously adopting the Goa Declaration,  which pledged opposition to terrorism.