Resolution of The Peoples of Europe



The peoples of Europe,

Aware of our Christian heritage,

Valuing the diversity of the peoples and cultures given by God,

Relying on our national identity,

Respecting State sovereignty,

We, recognizing the right of every nation to an independent choice of government,

Realizing the necessity to preserve the peoples of Europe and to follow their

historical mission,


1. State sovereignty is the prerequisite of sustainable development.

1.1. Priority of national legislation over international laws.

1.2. The rejection of national laws that go beyond the jurisdiction of the country.

1.3. Development of non-discriminatory multi-speed “unification of integrations”.

2. National culture and traditions as a top priority of government.

2.1. Their preservation and reproduction across generations is the core of life

2.2. Formation of a national-oriented cultural environment of education and
personality development, including language, gaming, informational environment,
urban planning, cinema, theater, and other cultural activities.

2.3. Developing a system of national cultural and historical centers.

3. Christianity is the basis of life.

3.1. Creation of the most favorable regime for the religious activities of traditional

3.2. Teaching the basics of Christianity in schools.

3.3 Broad support for the social service of a traditional denomination.

4. Education is the basis of personal development.

4.1. Create in the education system all the necessary conditions for the alternative
study of subjects based on religious ideology.

4.2 Moral upbringing component should be the foundation of pre-school and
school education systems.

4.3 Schools and universities should become the centers of collection and
dissemination of the national paradigm, values, communications, and traditions
which form and preserve the national identities.

5. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

5.1. Advocating for large families as a social norm.

5.2. Cultivating the values of responsible paternity and motherhood.

5.3. Creation of the most favored nation treatment for large families; demographic
policy measures to ensure the expanded reproduction of titular nations.