Rejecting “Tyrana platform”

Tyrana's platform for the albanization of Macedonia is sorosoid NATO product, par excellence.

Despite all of kinds of pressure on Macedonian President Ivanov, by neoliberal structures of EU and NATO, sorosoid James Baily (who is still in Skopje, serving as USA ambassador), to appoint the mandate for forming a new government to Zoran Zaev, in the eve of Mogherini's visit to Macedonia, President Ivanov refused to do that. The Leader of opposition party SDSM (social Democratic Party of Macedonia), whose party did not win the elections on December 11th 2016, succeeded in collecting 67 MPs' signatures (needed 61) by making alliance with three Albanian parties and accepting all of their demands from so-called „Tyrana's Platform“. Their intention is to overtake the power, although they did not win the elections, but VMRO-DPMNE won them and its leader did not accept Albanianparties blackmails even if that meant losin the power.

President's Ivanov rejection to give mandate to Zaev to form a government was a bombshell, according to the titles and reports in Macedonian and foreign media. The essence of the decision by Macedonian President is that, as he said, he can not give mandate to anyone who endangers the independence and sovereignty of The Republic of Macedonia. President Ivanov added that, in accordance with the Constitution, he will not appoint the person someone who negotiate based on platform of a foreign country and which is used to blackmail Macedonia, endangers its sovereignty, independence and unitarian character. That (Tyrana) platform represents post-electoral anti-constitutional activity and brings Macedonia to subversive position and makes it dependent of a foreign country. Ivanov also outlined that it is about the platform of Albanian parties which blackmailed Zaev by accepting it, for the support in return. The citizens voted for European reforms, not for foreign country platform, Ivanov added.

European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and US Ambassador to Skopje, Bailey, publicly demanded that Ivanov gives mandate to Zaev in order to form a new government.

Albanians, actually, made a platform to support the new Macedonian government back in January, with the support of official Tirana. So, in Skopje, this document is called Tyrana's platform.

The so-called "Tyrana's Platform", which was given to the Albanian parties from Macedonia by Albanian PM Edi Rama in Tirana is, essentially a NATO plan for the establishment of a Greater Albania. The fact that was not told Macedonian media is that one of the seven main points of "Tyrana Platform" is Albanians' demand for the creation of "integrated border management" on Macedonia's border with Kosovo and Albania, which is, actual attempt to remove the borders and to implement the concept of Greater Albania.

By default, this is the concept of NATO from April 2002, and the idea was presented in Skopje Robert Serry, then director of NATO's operations and crisis management. The declaration, which is expected to adopt the proposed conference on security in the region envisaged the establishment of joint border patrols between Macedonia and Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, as it is a "one country". Ambassador Serry's team did not want to change the proposed points in the final document of the conference and, then, our assessment was  that the conference can not be held.

So, this is not the first NATO attempt to create a Greater Albania at the expense of Macedonia, but now it is via  "Tyrana's Platform", which the SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev was framed with as with “a cuckoo egg”. He accepted all the requirements of this platform with the sole aim to gain the support of the Albanian parties in the Parliament and to grab power in one way or another.

The platform adopted by the three Albanian parties DUI, Besa Movement and the coalition Alliance for Albanians, among other things, required introducing Albanian language as an official one, resolving the dispute over Macedonia's name, opening a debate about the flag, anthem and coat of arms of Macedonia, as well as an equal representation of Albanians in state structures. The Assembly is called to adopt the resolution which, it is claimed, condemns the "genocide against the Albanian people in Macedonia" in the period from 1912 to 1956, as well as an apology to Albanians, not only by the Macedonians, but also by the Serbian nation.

The platform includes seven main points, among which is that the Albanians should be considered a constituent people in Macedonia. There is also demand to use  Albanian language at all levels of government, and that the Constitution should state that the official languages of Macedonia are "Macedonian in Cyrillic alphabet and Albanian in Latin alphabet." Albanians also demand the debate about the flag, anthem and national symbols, "so that they reflect the multi-ethnic society and ethnic equality."

So, there is no doubt who is the real "author" of this Tyrana's platform. This is sorosoid, neoliberal NATO pact, which does not reflect yet a real change of the government in Washington DC. In this regard, the Secretary General of NATO has allowed himself to publicly share the orders to the President of a sovereign state, to whom he should give the mandate for forming a government. In fact, exactly the same way of acting as those in Brussels, where Pyrrhic victory sorosoid bureaucrats as Han, Mogherinia and others celebrate their Pyrrhic victory.

It must be taken into account that during Barak Obama's farewell visit to Athens, Macedonia had been placed high on the agenda, right after Russia. It was the same case with the former head of the CIA, a few days before he was dismissed - he visited Tirana and met with Edi Rama.

And it is where this gross NATO's interference in the internal affairs of one country came from. And it is about the country which is not even a member of that Alliance. It further means that it is NATO alliance which is behind the support to the project of “Greater Albania”. It is extremely important for them that Zaev forms a coalition with the Albanians in Macedonia and fulfill their demands which would lead to the federalization of Macedonia. In a broader context, this openly and crudely interfering says that they are in a hurry and that they are trying to accomplish as many activities as possible in order to bring the new US administration to a fait accompli, wherever it is possible - in Ukraine, in Macedonia, in Montenegro and in Serbia.

Changes in the EU will be more visible in March, after the elections in the Netherlands and in May, after the presidential elections in France. Macedonians are determined to defend their country and to find the exist from this situation by organizing new elections, which will not be subjected to sorosoid engineering. It is also necessary to make a new census of the population – and this is what Albanian parties want to run away from, because it is very likely that their percentage in the country is less than 20%. Both SDSM and the Albanian parties only want power, but they do not want new elections.

(Explanation of the title: There is a homonym in Macedonian and Serbian language in meaning of “Tirana's” and “Tyrant's”. The both are written and pronounced in the same way, although the meaning is different. To illustrate this in English, it is written Tyrana's – to symbolize tyrany from Tirana, designed by NATO).