Referendum in Italy: catastrophic danger or chance to get rid of Renzi's government?


A constitutional referendum is planned to be held this fall in Italy., in which a controversial amendment  will be accepted or rejected , proposed by the Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi. This amendment is aimed at the abolition of an equal bicameral system by reducing the legislative powers of the Senate.

But here's the problem: if the reform is approved, the Senate can no longer trust the government. Also, it will lose its right to legislate, which will go into the sole authority of the Chamber of Deputies.

Of course, the referendum has caused a serious political debate in Italy.

According to the authors of this initiative, the adoption of the amendments will help to establish political stability in the country and to carry out long-planned reform of the government.

The initiators of the referendum launched a huge media campaign to intimidate Italians. They are promising a terrible economic crisis not only in Italy, but also in Europe if the amendment is rejected.

The point is that the amendment to the constitution will give too much power to the government.

It will be an inevitable shift towards authoritarianism. The Chamber of Deputies will be able to approve any laws regardless of regional authorities.

It is not clear how a party that is called "democratic", could have decided to nominate such an undemocratic amendment.

Renzi had promised to resign if the Italians vote "against". Nevertheless, it seems to me that the Italian prime minister will not fulfill his promise. Recently, he has already said that even with an unfavorable results, It won't be a "doomsday" for him. I think that Renzi has decided not to tie his political fate to the outcome of the referendum. Italians have become accustomed to promises. Today, he says one thing, tomorrow another.

The country is suffering  from economic crisis, which is also caused by the sanctions against Russia (but the government of Renzi continues to support them). Italy became a state where it has become the privilege of the minority to find a stable job. The country is overcrowded with immigrants. I think that at this moment we have to focus on some different priorities than on changing of the constitution.

A broad segment of the population  argues against the amendment, especially the supporters of the party "Lega Nord". Its leader, Matteo Salvini, has always shown a rigid opposition to the policy of the government, not only against the constitutional referendum, but also in relation to other critical issues: the withdrawing from the European Union, the immigration problem, the removal of sanctions against Russia, the recognition of the Crimea as the part of Russian Federation.

At the annual rally in Pontida, which was held on the 18th of September, it was impossible to notice the flags of Russia among the numerous flags of "Lega Nord" and  various autonomous communities.

Here are the words of the deputy Paolo Grimoldi, a regional leader of the "League of Lombardy" (aka, "Lega Nord") who participated in the meeting: "We have to vote "against ". If the amendment is adopted, it will destroy all local governments, not only in the northern regions and provinces, but also take away the power from mayors and governors. Who will help the citizens? If you want to remain masters of your own territory, you should vote "against" this amendment".

The risk that Atlanticists will try to sabotage the vote is quite high. They know that Renzi and his government had put everything on the victory. Renzi had never won an election for his post of Prime Minister. He was just appointed by the authorities that are far beyond Italy. Those powerful structures are now trying to preserve the political future of "their puppet". He will rule as long as they need him.

It is clear that Italy is a country with limited sovereignty, one of the vassal of the States, another US colony. America has already placed hundreds of bases and military facilities on the territory of Italy.

I don't think that it is a coincidence, that the US Ambassador to Italy, John Phillips has made a statement  on September 14th, in which he expressed his support to the initiative of Renzi and his government. Perhaps the ambassador had forgotten that in Italy, according to the Constitution, the "sovereignty belongs to the people."

The rating agency "Fitch Ratings" also tried to intimidate the Italian population by saying that the rejection of the amendment would be a huge mistake for the country's economy.

I hope that by voting "against", the Italian people will finally win, and the fall of the Renzi's government will be just around the corner.

Hopefully, the new prime minister will be a person, which can win a fair election and will serve the interests of the country.