On the real goals of joint exercises of special forces of Ukraine and NATO countries


The beginning of several military exercises in Ukraine in recent days has been reported by many foreign and domestic media. The attention of the press was riveted on the arrival at the Gavrishovka airfield near Vinnitsa of aircraft and tiltrotors of the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM - Special Operation Command), which arrived together with servicemen, probably of the 10th Special Forces Regiment, which is "responsible" for conducting combat operations at the European theater of war. In addition, servicemen of the 16th Airborne Assault Brigade of Great Britain were parachuted in the Nikolaev region. At the same time, Ukrainian airspace was provided to a host of NATO reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, which not only took part in the exercises, but are also conducting reconnaissance of Russian territory.

Together with the groups of the 10th US Special Operations Forces Regiment (Special Operations Command), units of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are represented by servicemen from the 140th Naval Center and the 8th Special Operations Regiment, operate. Together with the paratroopers of the 16th Airborne Assault Brigade of Great Britain, units of the Airborne Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine operate. Transport and fighter units of the Ukrainian Air Force work together with NATO aviation.

Of course, you can talk as long as you like about the persistence with which the United States imposes its "services" in combat training on other states. You can also talk for a long time about how gladly Ukraine is accepting the troops of the "world gendarme", but all these are just emotions behind which it is necessary to discern the true essence of joint actions by special forces of Ukraine and NATO countries.

There is no doubt that the United States views Ukraine not as a political partner, but nothing more than a piece of territory from which it is possible to strike at Russian military and civilian infrastructure, or at least create a threat of such strikes. Based on this understanding, one can assess the contribution that the American armed forces and special services make to Ukraine, in particular, to the level of combat training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The essence of US "advisory" assistance is not to "teach" the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fight (but not without this, of course), but to bring the command structures of the Ukrainian armed forces to NATO standards, which in the future will make it possible to effectively lead the Ukrainian army to the extent of its complete submission. For what it is needed - I think it is clear and without additional explanations.

So, the authorized persons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not at all hide the true goals of the joint exercises "United Efforts 2020" and "Rapid Trident 2020", which are taking place in several regions of Ukraine. Defense Minister of Ukraine Andriy Taran said that the joint command-staff exercises, on only one side, are a response to the multinational exercises Kavkaz-2020, which started in the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation.

“On the other hand, the General Staff and the leadership of the Ministry of Defense are assessing the quality of the transition to the new J-structure and checking the results of organizational changes,” Andrei Taran said.

I would like to correct it a little: it is not the Armed Forces of Ukraine that evaluates the results of organizational changes, but the representatives of the NATO bloc, who not only observe the progress of the planned events, but moreover, they previously participated in their operational planning, participated in the formulation of combat training tasks.

Here I would like to make a small clarification: the J-structure is an organizational form of the military command apparatus, which is adopted as a single NATO standard and implies a unified view of the structure of command and control bodies of military associations and absolutely identical protocols for their internal and external interaction. For example, in any NATO headquarters, J-1 is responsible for personnel, J-2 is responsible for reconnaissance activities, J-3 is responsible for operational activities, and so on. This is necessary so that in the event of joint actions by the armies of different NATO member countries, the headquarters specialists know exactly which department of the headquarters of their “neighbors” they need to interact with.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine is talking about this, they say, the new structure (to which the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to switch from the beginning of 2020) will improve the quality of combat planning, organization of interaction and interoperability with NATO countries in a combat situation. He also noted the role of communication systems in improving the quality of combat interaction.

“Another goal that we set for ourselves during the planning of the Joint Efforts 2020 exercise is to test communication systems, obtain information on the battlefield and exchange information between units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and command posts of NATO countries,” he said Andrey Taran.

Here it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that there are no “subdivisions of NATO countries” among the communication subscribers listed by the Ukrainian Minister of Defense. And all because the United States and its satellites, without taking real steps to admit Ukraine to NATO, apparently, are preparing it for the role of only an executive element - the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will only receive tasks from the NATO command posts, and, accordingly, carry them out. Any tasks.

But we remember that back in July the same Andrei Taran, with the same lips in the Verkhovna Rada, declared that “there are no signs of the RF Armed Forces being prepared for active hostilities”. There is only one conclusion: the NATO command is preparing Ukraine for aggression as an advanced element. And, most likely, support from the Alliance in terms of combat use is simply not provided. "Cannon fodder".