Quantum Philosophy and the Demise of Empires


 History speaks of the emergence of many great empires. Some of them lasted for centuries and some of them for less than that. The durations of these empires related to many factors, but one of the most important factors was the relation between the people and rulers of these empires. In the Arab region, especially  since the beginning of the Islamic era, big  Arab empires were formed  in the region and extended for a long period (more than eight hundred years). We also remember the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the Arab world for more than four hundred years and caused backwardness and ignorance in the Arab arena. In the modern era, especially after the Second World War, the Imperial figure was to be considered by watching the Russian and American empires. The Russian  Empire turned from 1917 to communism and was competing with the American Empire, which was characterized by deception and cunning, as they talk about freedom and values ​​of democracy, but are characterized by greed and working to control the resources of the world to maintain global leadership and remain at the highest levels of the Imperial ladder.

This historical, simplified introduction may be necessary to remember some of these empires and to analyze  some of the causes of their failure and demise in the end, but we will speak today from a completely new perspective, a perspective of quantum philosophy. Maybe, in our study, we can find some new ideas that will be able to explain new factors of the demise of many of these empires and the survival of others, and also the most important reasons for this study is to predict  the demise of the current empires and the rise of others.

We talked in a previous article about values ​​and interests, and we explained how the world today is divided mainly into two teams: one relies on values ​​in word and deed, led by the Russian Federation and  other countries. Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah belong to this axis. The another  axis claims to uphold the values ​​of freedom and democracy and behaves completely different through the oppression of peoples and standing with dictators to achieve some interests, forgetting all values and all forms of human rights and also international law, no matter how  large the cost of human harm and destruction. 

Let's go back now to quantum philosophy and what this new philosophy says, which was formed through the emergence of the quantum physics and through laws differing greatly from what we have known in classical physics - the physics of Isaac Newton. This quantum philosophy does not accept the pure materialistic concept of the universe, on which the materialistic, classical physics is based, even regarding our daily lives in terms of our bodies and our health. For example, the concept today is still materialistic in medicine and treatment for diseases from the point of view of symptoms, and does not deal with its root causes despite the progress of medicine and its access to very advanced stages. Pain relievers are used to remove pain and surgery is used to remove malignant disease, often forgetting the fundamental reasons that caused this pain or this malignant disease. It must be noted here that scientists have accepted that there is a physical phenomenon in medicine such as the Placebo phenomenon, which is based on the patient's thought and belief that the pill that he takes is useful and curative, even though the pill does not contain any active ingredients.

Perhaps many people do not know that our thoughts and our feelings are two basic and very active  forces which determine the shape of our  lives and our future. We are aware of things through our senses, and our daily experiences will be integrated to form our consciousness. About 60,000 ideas are ​​wandering in our minds daily, and some of them move and incite our feelings related to the memories that we have lived, and all these thoughts and these feelings are electromagnetic waves that we send into the universe. The cosmos receives, processes, and stores all these messages and sends us its answers to these messages. The speed of response of the universe to our letters is related to the intensity of the electromagnetic wave which will be higher with the increase of the emotional charge, and the intensity will be more and more effective when a group of people send the same message. This will lead to the rapid response of the universe and to the realization of the demand. The belief in the achievement of the demand and the existence of will are important factors in achieving what we want and what we wish.

Now let's go back to the empires and look at historically what has happened in these empires before their disintegration and demise, to see what magic power owned by our thoughts, especially when feelings are linked to our thoughts, is at play. We will adopt examples of empires formed in modern times as a result of our detailed knowledge. When rampant corruption and injustice are spreading, and when dictatorship and harm deprive people of their most basic rights, then this state of injustice and harm makes people think constantly and collectively about this injustice and harm. Therefore, they involuntarily send persistent messages into the universe about what they are being exposed to. These messages will be accumulated and processes by the universe and people will feel suddenly that the phenomena of decay and disintegration has begun to emerge in this empire or that. It is the power of our creative ideas that have been associated with the feelings of people and sent collectively to the universe. The universe will find an opportunity for the demise of such an empire, no matter how strong the empire is, or what ability for destruction its weapons have.

Perhaps the recent demise of the Soviet Union is a true example of this. Injustice dominated for many years, and people sent their letters carrying their ideas with their deep emotions into the universe. Fortunately, no one could monitor and punish the owners of these thoughts. The universe’s answer was so clear and obvious as the Soviet Union disappeared from the international scene in the blink of an eye. Perhaps the way of the demise of the Soviet Union is proof of the accuracy of the universe in processing messages which it has received, as the hatred of the majority of the Russian people was concentrated on the Soviet system and on the injustice as a result of preventing people from economically and intellectually initiative. But the Russian people with a long history of great values ​​and tolerant Christian values, ​​believe in this country as “Russia", as a great world power which deserves to be in the leading position. However, at the same time, they did not like the communist tyranny, the result of which was the demise of the communist regime and the survival of the pillars of the Russian Empire. Exactly as the Russian people were thinking and believing, the Soviet Union collapsed and the formation of the Russian Empire began again.

The current American Empire has painted a path for itself that is based on brutal economic control over the world through neo-liberalism and through the adoption of traditional and soft wars to guarantee its interests. It kills people in the West and the East while it claims to be defending freedom, justice, and the values ​​of democracy.

But at the same time, the American empire drags its allies among the Western countries into numerous wars in many countries, such as the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. The US also involves its allies in creative chaos through soft wars and color revolutions. The result is the death of millions of people and the displacement of many more millions of people and escalating groans of torturers asking the universe for retribution and redemption from this monster that ruthless caused all these wars and suffering. 

Perhaps the Syrian war is a clear example of soft proxy wars sparked by the United States and Western countries with the support of their allies in the region, and the result is clear: millions of people are sending their letters full of pain and suffering caused by the United States into the universe. I am convinced that the answer of the universe will end this empire which has extolled its values to the sky while killing millions of innocent people only to enjoy prosperity for itself. This is despite the fact that all the great monotheistic religions emphasize the value of man on this earth, and that the whole universe is founded to serve the human being, not to kill him or torture him. Thus, we are left awaiting the demise of the American Empire as an answer of this universe. This justification of quantum philosophy is proven by history, which has showed that all empires that murder innocents are doomed to disappear.