President Putin must take control of the Bank of Russia


Whom does the Bank of Russia serve? At the moment, the Bank of Russia is not subject to the Russian government, but acts "independently". This means that its actions are not necessarily for the benefit of the Russian people or the Russian state. Actually, most of what the Bank of Russia has been doing over the past years is contrary to the interests of Russia. Its high interest rates reduce the will and opportunities of Russian industrialists to invest in Russian industry and the economy, thus rendering the country more dependent on foreign banks and foreign credit for development. Continually buying American state bonds strengthens the US economy, not Russia’s. This lack of state control over the Bank of Russia is dangerous and counterproductive. Even most of the Russian oligarchs should understand this fact. The bank’s separation from the state was achieved during the catastrophic Yeltsin years, when liberal traitors sold out the whole country. This was done for the benefit of the USA and foreign banks, not for the benefit of Russia. It was done to keep Russia down as a Third World country, as a mere exporter of natural resources without its own industrial production. 

President Putin must immediately take back control over the Bank of Russia and monetary policy. This can be done by collecting a 2/3 majority in the Duma and passing an emergency law that re-subjugates the Bank of Russia to government. Then, the Bank of Russia would cease to work for foreign bankers and governments and start working for Russia. I am sure that the opposition parties would support such a step, as would even the oligarchs and businessmen (if they are not bought by USA) insofar as such would benefit business and investments. Just look at the Chinese. They also have bankers and oligarch-businessmen too, but they are Chinese first and foremost, and proud of it. They do not betray China for dollars. I hope the Russians can be as patriotic as they are, and then Russia will be stronger, which is good for Novorossia too!

Now, of course, business is business, but business cannot be done properly with people who want to kill you, destroy your people, and only try to fool you. I hope president Putin understands this. The Western countries with whom Russia has done "business", particularly the USA, are not our "friends" or "partners". Such "friends" or “partners” can only be enemies. Whey see the world in the following way: first comes the US, then England (and other English-speaking countries), then Germany, France, the rest of Southern Europe, and then the Baltics, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans. Then they place Russia at the very bottom, together with Africa, South America, and Third World countries. This is the place that liberal traitors want for Russia. They must be neutralized. I also hope the President Putin has realized that any concessions to the West only bring Russia more trouble, not benefits. 

Because of these facts, it is important for Russia to continue and even accelerate its shift in business-orientation from the European Union (who are actually slaves of the USA) towards the free countries in Asia, first and foremost, of course, China, and India, but also towards Turkey, Iran and Indonesia. The countries of South America such as Brazil as well as Argentina and Venezuela should be considered new preferential trading partners. Such a “gravity switch” in economic relations would weaken the euro and the dollar while strengthening the ruble and yuan and opening the way for a new international currency that could be called the “RUAN” (RUble + yuAN). This name also leaves room for ReAl (Brazil) and RUple (India) to form a genuinely new world currency backed by industrial power, natural resources, and gold. 

As anyone can see, I am in fact speaking of the BRICS countries who are already considering this move. All trade between these countries should be in “RUAN”, in the currency of the countries involved, or in gold. Russia must also stop buying American state bonds and if, on top of that, Russia announces a decision to replace SWIFT (international banking transaction system) as soon as possible (in stead of letting the West use it for blackmail), then this would really mean the start of a new, multipolar world. The other BRICS countries will surely prefer to use a new international banking transaction system - at least between themselves and with any other country that wants to reclaim its economic and political independence from the West. The countries of the Customs Union would also use the "RUAN" and a new international banking transaction system.


Now, how would all of this benefit Novorossia? The answer is obvious. By detaching Russia from the dollar (and the euro), the sanctions that are imposed to hinder Russia from helping Novorossia lose most of their effect. Russian aid to Novorossia could increase decisively. This can be done more quickly than most people want to admit - even in this year, 2016, already. Most, if not all of what was said above could become a reality. In the meantime, it is extremely important to support Donbass and Novorossia to the extent that the militia, the Novorossian Armed Forces, can begin the liberation of the parts of Donbass occupied by the Kiev Nazi Junta as well as liberate the other 6 occupied oblasts. The conflict must not “freeze” - it must move westwards! Russia has no obligation to “de-Nazify” Galicia or liberate anything Northwest of the Dnepr - let the West take care of the Nazis and fascists that they have created themselves. But Russia has every right and a moral obligation to contribute actively and decisively to the liberation of all of Novorossia, all the lands East of the Dnepr, as well as Transnistria. The majority of people in these parts remain under occupation by the same sort of regime which attempted to destroy all of Russia and Ukraine in the USSR in the Great Patriotic War. Let us never forget this for a single moment!