Political Correctness as the Tribunal for Troublesome Artists


The life of a modern artist has turned into a walk through the minefield of media. One careless step to the side - and you will immediately burst with an explosion of public indignation. Personal opinion, different from the conventional, becomes a heavy cross.

Punitive detachments of fighters for social justice day and night watch for celebrities, patrolling the Internet. Any buckwheat is fixed and recorded in the "blacklist" - a special place on Tumblr called your fave is problematic. Tumblr is generally a marginal place, but this blog is just a fecal diamond. The brown citadel of marasmus, leading a war of attrition with common sense, whose fighters to the right and left brand the celebs as "problematic". No, not because they make sickening sounds with their larynx under a mediocre musician. And not even for canceling concerts and taking drugs. They are lynched for, for example, for the wrong tattoo. Seriously, Rihanna got on the list because of a tiny tattoo in Arabic: the singer allegedly "appropriates the Arab culture." Sweet-nosed boys from One Direction were branded for performing in jackets with Japanese symbols, and Taylor Swift - for having African braids at 12.

Today, everyone does not care what content you make. The main thing is that you say the right and correct things, and you'll take out the auto-work. Hollywood producers have long learned that political correctness has become a pledge of commercial success, and that is why the black Asian transgender is shoved into every second film. Everyone does not care that this is not artistically justified, the main thing is to please everyone. Creative awards like "Oscar" and Nobel literature turned into a manifesto, a declaration of the social course. But let's be frank: it's a lie! An artist or a creator can no longer be called things by their proper names, but one must lie in every way to avoid offending anyone. Unfortunately, from such pasteurization, any "product" becomes insipid.

It would not be so scary if the problem remained only in the "blacklist" of Tumblr. However, today, political correctness and tolerance are increasingly becoming a reason to shut up someone's mouth. The opinion of the stinking human mass called "progressive public" has long attracted fatty dung flies - politicians and merchants. And this means that this opinion dictates trends and norms. The insane madmen who dared to express their opinion, different from the generally accepted one, like Kanye West, quickly mingle with dirt under ruthless media. And it's quite amusing to watch how an angry mob of lynchers with torches and pitchforks spread their attention from all sorts of minorities to those who are not part of this minority. In the 16th century, witches were defamed, in the 21st - "Troublesome" artists.

In addition to abstract public discontent, this can lead to quite concrete measures. Two former Facebook employees told Gizmodo that the editors of the Trending News section (the topmost discussed materials) could influence the content of the section. In particular, they systematically cleaned the news of Republican media about conservative politicians. It is possible that in the near future Zuckerberg can give the order to "ban" any "dissident" artist - and Facebook will stop showing posts with his name.

Do not you like the films forthright from the director or the albums of the rude artist? Do not look, do not listen, you even have the right to call your flock to close their eyes and ears. But the ban of something just because the film is not politically correct and touches someone's feelings is too much.

 There is nothing wrong in tolerance and political correctness until they turn into an ideology - into a sledgehammer that hits the teeth and acts as an instrument of censorship. Otherwise, it is no longer art, but propaganda, cheap agitation.

The artist must be sincere, not disingenuous in dialogue with his audience. Due to compromise, self-expression is lost. Art and creativity do not have to be clear and correct.