Is a plot brewing against Donald Trump?


Donald Trump, a candidate totally refractory to party discipline in principle and turned into the "black beast" of the establishment, finally ended up being elected President of the United States and his surprise victory will mark, along with Brexit, the end of the "teleological scenario" in which the purpose of the creative processes were planned by finite models in which intention, purpose and foresight prevailed and its replacement by the "teleonomic scenario", marked by extreme doses of volatility that will especially affect the New World Geopolitical Order. Thus, we would be witnessing the end of the Unipolarity of the United States and its role as world policeman and its replacement by the new doctrine of Multipolarity or Inter-Peer Geopolitics, formed by the US, China and Russia Troika (G3), remaining The EU, Japan, India and Brazil passed as stone guests in the new geopolitical scenario. This would be a missile on the waterline of the geopolitical interests of the so-called "Club of the Islands" with assets close to €10 trillion and whose visible head, according to the Russian spy Daniel Estulin, would be the financier and expert designer of "revolutions". of colors”, George Soros, with which we find ourselves at the beginning of a new Soros-Trump duel in which only one of them can survive.

Is Donald Trump's victory in 2024 inevitable?

Trump was removed from the main social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, he has just announced the launch of "Truth Social", a new social network born "to combat the big technology companies", called to be the media speaker of the ideology Trumpist with a view to the 2024 Presidential Elections and that would be the first product of his company Trump Media Technology Group (TMTG). Trump's electoral strategy will be based on the technique of manipulating the masses exposed by Edward L. Bernays in his book "Crystallizing Public Opinion", in which he unravels the brain mechanisms of the group and the influence of propaganda as a method to unify his thinking for what he will use the essential points of the populist ideology: short and xenophobic messages on social networks, cult of the leader and use of fake news to plunge the population into existential doubt.

In the event of Trump's victory in 2024, this will mark a historic milestone as it will represent the beginning of an Orwellian form of government that will drink from the sources of paternalism of soft dictatorships and will be characterized by the cult of the leader, the use of misinformation and Orwellian surveillance of the non-white population and political dissidence, which would de facto be an autocratic government or a kind of invisible dictatorship based on solid strategies of cohesion (mass manipulation and cult of the leader).

Is a plot brewing against Donald Trump?

The worsening of the health pandemic caused by the existence of important segments of the population without vaccination and the Trumpian legacy, would be exacerbating the American social fracture that would already be made up of 2 almost symmetrical and irreconcilable halves and of what would be the paradigm of the State of Texas, become speaker of the White Power. Given the weariness of Biden after the fiasco in Afghanistan and the possible entry into recession of the economy, a Republican victory in the midterm elections of 2022 would not be ruled out, which would anticipate a triumphant return of Trump in the Presidential elections of 2024 and of what would be a paradigm the recent Republican triumph in the State of Virginia.
Consequently, after the failed impeachment attempts against Trump for Russiagate and for the assault on Capitol Hill and given the evident lack of punch from the Democratic leaders, a plot against Trump would be brewing to avoid his possible re-election in the 2024 Presidential elections. This plot would have been designed by the so-called Democracy Alliance (DA), a mega-organization founded by George Soros in 2005 and would consist of a first phase based on the use of the US mass media to sow doubt in the Trumpist electorate by pointing out the hypocrisy of Trump after being vaccinated with his third dose as well as inoculating American civil society with the benefits of withdrawing the forces that the US has scattered throughout the world and allocating its cost to investments in Education, Health and Vital Infrastructures, for what will be The role of the Quincy Institute, a think tank sponsored by billionaires George Soros and Charles Koch, is vital.

If the first phase fails, Soros will go on to the second phase consisting of the gestation of an endogenous plot to prevent Trump's re-election in the 2024 Presidential elections through expeditious methods (read Magnicidio), a plot that will be a true work of labyrinthine engineering and whose executing arm will be Homeland Security. The HS would be a macro agency made up of the “big live” (the DIA, the CIA, the NSA, the NGA and the NRO) that would make up the so-called Fourth Branch of the Government according to Tom Engelhardt), pathogenic agents of a totalitarian nature and turned into a State parallel and true shadow power that would be engulfed by George Soros's "Club of the Islands", after which we will witness scenarios of civil confrontation that will culminate in the implementation of a civic-military government remotely controlled by the true Shadow Power of USA (Fourth Branch of the Government).