Philippines peace talks with Communist rebels delayed


The Philippines government panel peace talks with communist rebels has again decided to postpone the resumption of formal negotiations, pushing this back to August 20th or 27th. The government asked to postpone this in order to have more time to release detained political prisoners which are part of the negotiations. There are two stages of the release process of more than 500 people. Before the formal talks, 22 consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines must be released. President Duterte already announced the upcoming release of 21 political prisoners and gave their safety guarantees. The big release will be the second stage, after the ceasefire between two sides. The ceasefire is expected to be declared after formal talks. These prisoners will be released under general amnesty provisions.

These negotiations are very important for the Philippines. There are three concrete agreements, promoted by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. These are social-economic reform; the principal of economic sovereignty, salvation of the nation's integrity and national industrialization. General land reform should be also be carried out. The principle of national independence, especially from the US, is the most essential component of this. The US has a lot of agreements with Philippines which favor to the US but are in fact deleterious to the national sovereign interests of the Philippines.