Passions around Jared Kushner's Secret Channel With Russians


President Donald Trump was once again attacked over the "secret channel of communication with Russians," which his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was trying to establish.

Compromising against Trump, in an effort to organize an impeachment, the FBI, special prosecutor Robert Muller (ex-director of this department) and the two committees in the US Congress - in the Senate and House of Representatives - Without fear of accusations of paranoia, aggressively pursuing investigation to convict Trump of "links with Russia." There is a feeling that all Russians in their eyes arу "untouchable" and even the sight contact with one instantly turns any American patriot into a traitor and criminal.

This idea is constantly implied by the American mainstream media. Therefore, the accusations against Kushner are very serious: he is suggested to create a "secret channel of communication" with the kingdom of antichrist.

The Washington Post is preparing a new Watergate

The exposure of the "betrayal" in the White House is the work of the famous  "Washington Post", which once, with the help of American intelligence, almost managed an impeach of the US President Richard Nixon.

The newspaper reported that Kouchner, at the end of 2016, offered Russian Ambassador Kislyak to create and use a "secret communication channel" between Moscow and Trump's headquarters. He also allegedly raised the issue of organizing a meeting between representatives of the Trump team and the Russians on the territory of a third country.

At the same time, the newspaper claims that Kouchner did not generate these ideas himself, but he was inspired by Trump.
According to the Washington Post, Russian Ambassador Kislyak was stunned by the Kouchner's proposal, but promised to report it to the leadership.

This publication was prepared allegedly on the basis of "leaked" secret data from US special services, which contain some intercepted official telegrams and records of overheard telephone conversations of the Russian ambassador to the United States. It is clear that this is a lie: if Americans had such access to the secrets of the Russian embassy, ​​they would never publicly admit it, even in order to compromise Trump.

It is impossible to hide the very fact of such contacts. To deny them would be pure deception, which would be very expensive for Trump. In addition, there is nothing criminal in this. Therefore, the authorities do not deny them, but interpret them differently.

Fox News shields Trump

Fox News rushed to protect the president's son-in-law. The channel claims that the initiative to create a "secret communication channel" between Moscow and Washington belonged to the Russians and that the main topic of the talks was Syria. It was not a question of the constant use of the channel for the transfer of classified information, only the question of one-time calls concerning Syria.

Obviously, this is also a lie, only designed to take the blow from the Trump family. Moscow and Russian diplomacy do not work that way.

The goal is not Kushner, but Trump

Naturally, this information provoked another scandal. Kouchner was demanded to  explan the situation. The most interesting thing is that he is ready to answer the questions of the FBI, not realizing that everything he says will be used against him and his father-in-law.
The National Committee of the Democratic Party has already demanded that Kouchner must be deprived of access to classified information until the FBI finishes the investigation.

Trump does not intend to "surrender" Kouchner

President of Trump himself addressed the protection of his beloved daughter's husband: "Jared does an excellent job for his country, I fully trust him."

The military support the president

The head of the US Department of Homeland Security, John Kelly, said in an interview to ABC News's program "This Week" that the establishment of unofficial contracts with Russia is "normal" .

The situation was commented on by the US National Security Assistant Herbert McMaster. He said that: "the United States has channels of communication with many countries".

Bitter Sludge

All these factors do not bother the globalists, who are trying to get rid of Trump. Their goal is to use any means - even the most insane ones - to discredit the legitimate US president and announce an impeachment.

The Breitbart website, which supports Trump, posted: "it damages the president's ability to rule the country, because he is always on the defensive side."