The origins of Islamic Terrorism

By Menendj ( via Wikimedia Commons

Where did the Islamic terrorism come from?

According to the results of the police investigation there are no doubts that the last terrorist act in St. Petersburg was organized by Islamic terrorists.
However, the term "Islamic terrorism" causes an acute allergy, especially among Muslims. Critics argue that Islam is a religion of peace and love, that terrorism cannot be associated with a particular religion or nationality, because terrorists are nothing more than criminals. Of course, we can look at this problem from this angle. Many Muslims, liberals and leftists usually do so. Some of them sincerely, and some of them not.

But the rest of the world rejects this "political correctness", because it is easy to see the close connection between modern political Islam and terrorism. In addition, terrorists themselves constantly refer to Allah and the Koran, they perceive the world around them through the prism of jihad.

That is why the term "Islamic terrorism" has the right to exist. Islam and terrorism are connected - this is a fact that does not depend on our subjective desires and we do not have to wage a war of quotations to confirm or deny it. Because in the Koran, as well as in the Bible, there are sentences that can explain any violent action. For example, the Gospel of Matthew states that Christ brought "not peace, but a sword" to the world, and this quote inspired and justified participants of the Crusades in the Middle Ages.

Not all Muslims are terrorists. But are all terrorists  - Muslims?

There are different types of terrorism. Sometimes terrorists are inspired by ideology, sometimes by ethnos, and sometimes by religion. Sometimes all together. As a rule, their goal is not to win, but to intimidate the enemy and discredit the power, create prerequisites for its capture.

Also, terrorism is always well-financed, because nothing works without money. Very often terrorists receive funding from other countries that use them against their rivals. Sometimes terrorists themselves force their fellows to pay "taxes" or earn money through criminal activities, most often through the production and sale of drugs...

What are the types of terrorism?

Ideological terrorists fight with social injustice of the capitalist world. They can be found in Latin America and in Asia. Religion does not play a big role.

One of the examples of ethnic terrorism, which is based on socio-economic claims to the existing order - is the numerous Kurdish groups. Naturally, they do not consider themselves terrorists and prefer the term "national liberation movement". Their claims may be fair, but the methods remain terroristic.
Kurds, do not have religious differences with Turks, Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians, and are active in three of these countries, spraying their efforts and demonstrating a persistent inability to create their own state. Their neighbors also do not want to lose a part of their territory.

What is special about Islamic terrorists?

All other types of terrorism are domestic problems of countries, they are not a global problem.

At the very beginning, the same situation was with Islamic terrorism. The emergence of the State of Israel in the Middle East in 1948 led to a surge of terrorist activity and the emergence of Palestinian terrorist groups, as Israel infringed on Palestinian rights. With the support of other countries, the number of terrorists increased, they became more radical. This struggle spread throughout the world. But in general, it was a struggle between the Israelis, who had help from the allies, and the Palestinians, who received support from other Arabs and allies.

Islamic terrorism has acquired a global character after the war in Afghanistan. The US managed to lure the USSR into this war. Intervening in the internecine strife in Afghanistan and planting their puppets in Kabul, the USSR found itself in a situation in which the United States and its allies are now. Or even worse. Numerous Afghan regional tsars and all neighboring states opposed "šouravī". From these countries, from the leading Western countries, as well as from China, Afghan mujahideen received funding flows and weapons, volunteers joined them. A dangerous mixture of Islam and terrorism was created. After the departure of the USSR, this cocktail spread throughout the Islamic World. Former sponsors of this project (the US, other Western countries, China and some Arab regimes) themselves became enemies of this politicized terrorist Islam.

So the world threat of Islamic terrorism appeared. The USA, the USSR, Israel, China, other countries that tried to realize their goals, which relied on the "weapons of the weak" or on the war by others' hands - all of them are responsible for this threat. However, it is foolish to blame only external forces and foreign provocateurs. Muslims should pay attention to themselves. What did they do to stop terrorism? Aren't they blaming others for thir problems when they should blame themselves? For example, how can Muslims in any country be provided with a decent standard of living when they have such a high fertility rate? No economy can handle this! And it's not the Germans, not the Americans, not the Russians to blame for this.

Our conclusions

Everyone recognizes that Islam has a powerful mobilization potential. This is the youngest, most demanding, most Proselytic world religion. In alliance with the terrorist infrastructure, mass discontent, socio-economic conditions, corruption and the weakness of their economic base, we are where we are. It is impossible to create a paradise on earth. Nevertheless, Muslims are increasingly beginning to hate those who allegedly prevent them from living with dignity. Many decide to choose the path of the martyr. So they are turning into Islamic terrorists: they are not afraid to lose a life that they do not appreciate and are ready to die at any moment for what they call Islam for the sake of the supposed bliss of the other world.

The conclusion from all this can be done only one: the problem that the whole world engendered must be solved by the whole world. Islam was not always associated with terrorism. Islam was and always will be. Terrorism is a parasite that must be ruthlessly defeated. But this cannot be achieved without the active participation of the Muslims themselves. They must understand: Islamic terrorists are primarily their enemies. These Islamic terrorists cast a shadow on all Muslims.

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