The Operation in Syria – the first fruits of Russian-Turkish cooperation


This operation shows an upswing in the rapprochement between Turkey and Russia. Last November, even before the crisis, Putin and Erdogan had met in Anatolia to agree on operations in Syrian Jarabulus. But after the Gulenists shot down the Russian plane, the arrangement lost its force. We know that the US wants to open a Kurdish corridor from Northern Iraq to the Mediterranean Sea. For this purpose, they have two tools: the Islamic State and the Kurdish “Democratic Union” and “People’s Self-Defense Forces”.

After the restoration of relations between Turkey and Russia, Eurasian forces gained a new chance to liquidate the American presence in Syria and in the region. This operation coincides with the interests of Syria, Iran, Iraq and Russia.

The Americans cannot influence Turkey’s decisions. Today, American Vice-President Joseph Biden arrived in Ankara. The cold way he was met at the airport clearly shows the attitude of the authorities towards the Americans. Biden was met by a mere deputy governor, not even the governor or a minister.

Turkey will find its Eurasian path. Now we are close to the establishment of an agreement with Damascus. The latest terror attacks reflect Washington’s reaction to the Turkish policy of rapprochement with Eurasia. The USA pressed the terror button already before Biden’s visit. The Turkish army’s operation in Syria is a response to such actions by the US. It is necessary to emphasize that the head of Turkey's special forces was actively opposed to the pro-American coup attempt. We urgently need to approve strategic partnership between Russia and Turkey.