Now it's the people versus the elites


The following is a video interview script


Obviously, Trump is threatening the liberal democratic establishment or the so-called conservative republican establishment. This is much the object of what he wants to change. He sees the elites of both parties more or less similar to each other.

It's really not so much the Democrats or the Republicans, the left or the right, but the people versus the establishment.

I think he wants to try to improve the lives of all people in this country. Like he said - for every city from Detroit to Nebraska.

Donald Trump set himself a very strong task and he has to deliver on these things: to bring jobs back to our country, he has to bring manufacturing to our country.

I think what is really important too is the way he talked about our relationship with the rest of the world. Because he doesn't want to fight with people, he just want what is best for us. He understands that the other countries are looking for what is the best for them. There is nothing wrong with that, that's what he expects. We don't want to tell the people from other countries how to live, which is heresy - you can't say things like this in the US.

So, we will see. My concern is not only can he carry out parts of this program, but how much of this rhetoric will be reflected on real policy initiatives. And I guess we'll see it by moving forward very quickly.