Not Born this Way: Homosexuality is not genetic


We often hear from liberals and other activists something like "we do not need your morality, You need to stop sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong.." But the problem is that politics has got into it for a long time. 

The problem is that the homosexuals are simply used by politicians for their own purposes. 

Disputes about innateness

The debate over whether homosexuality is congenital continues to this day. The data of Dima Hamer from the National Institutes of Health of the United States is typically used as an "argument" in favor of innateness. In 1993, he stated that the genetic marker Xq28 was responsible for homosexuality. 

However, the theory could not stand its verification:  people, who had exactly the same marker,created healthy families, gave birth to children and were generally happy to be stright. But this is fact is not allowed to bediscussed on many media and scientific sources.

Basically, all attempts to scientifically prove that sodomy is a biological norm were associated with the observation of identical twins, who shared the same set of genes. According to this logic, the orientation should be the same under similar conditions of life.

The experiment also failed. American scientist Neil Whitehead noted that the chances that "the second twin shows the same craving are only about 11% for men and 14% for women." "No one is born gay," he concludes.

Other experiments that are carried out to prove the innate nature of homosexuals are generally ridiculous. For example, conclusions are made on the size of the hemisphere or intellectual indicators. However, if you want, you can use the science to justify any weakness: for example, British scientists argued not so long ago, that the craving for fatty foods was embedded in genes.

The most interesting thing is that LGBT representatives admitted themselves that "they are not born this way". The research in the American Psychological Association became very sensational. Dr. Lisa Diamond, a lesbian, said that sexual orientation is changeable, not permanent.

And recently, scientists from the University of California confirmed at the conference of the American Society of Human Genetics that homosexuality was born under the influence of external factors.

Here is another experiment that was conducted by scientists from the Johns Hopkins University. Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh recalled the results of a study conducted among children aged 7-12 years in 1995 and in 2008, when these same children grew up. 80% of boys, who had claimed sexual intercourse, grew up and became heterosexual people.

The argument that people are born homosexuals is purely political, not scientific.

Sometimes it is worth reading the forums of LGBT to understand what is happening in their minds. Here is one of the typical messages in the confessions section (the spelling of the author is saved): "At the age of 19, I had an idea in my head "maybe I'm gay "and this thought destroyed my whole life. I started to check myself  if I like men or dislike them."

We are said - try different things, find yourself. People risk “trying" so much that it can lead to their suffering. 

There are a lot of experiments on psychological suggestion. Especially, it is easy to influence children: remember that if you want, you can assure a person that he is eating salty, not sweet porridge. If you start telling persistently from the childhood that sodomy is something normal, so anyway you will start thinking about it.

Moreover, many gay couples are allowed to adopt and rise children. And we all know that kids repeat for parents. 

As the American College of Pediatricians noted, the child needs a normal father and mother who "make a unique contribution to the development of the child because of their biological differences." "In general, tradition and science agree that normal biological behavior and male-female parenting are protection fort he child's mentality .The family atmosphere,where children are brought up, plays a crucial role in the formation of sexual identity, positive emotional well-being and achievements in learning," the article of the college says.

Therefore, homosexuality is an acquired  by certain circumstances condition, not genetics.

Why is homosexualism so aggressively preached and protected? This is an important question to which you can give different answers. One of them is artificial population reduction. The second is an extremely convenient political tool. And the third is to deprive people of a clearly distinguished masculine principle, and hence of the general passionarity.