No more time for inter-Slavic misunderstandings and wars


The upcoming meeting in Havana, Cuba, between the Pope of Rome and the Moscow Patriarch must be commended and welcomed by all Europeans of good will. And of good faith.

For all Europeans, and particularly for the Russian people, as well as for all other related Slavic peoples, it is of utmost importance to bridge the religious gaps vs. their first door neighbor and remove all ancient religious quarrels with their destructive secular outcome.

Russians, Poles, Serbs and Croats have paid a very heavy price for different interpretations of their former religious goals. Today, there is no more time for such inter-Slavic or inter-European misunderstandings and wars.  The Russian president, His Excellency, Mr. Vladimir Putin, could play a significant role as a moderator in future interreligious talks and encounters between Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Christians. Christianity is not just a matter of a private religious belief—it is first and foremost a form of high civilization in Europe. 

The enemy of all European peoples today is global capitalism and radical Islam, which follows on the heels of mass migration to Europe – thus threatening the very survival of all European peoples.

All European peoples, including Americans  of European ancestry, regardless of their Christian denomination, must unite and stand up to new challenges and to the new non-European threat.