No choice for the UK: Theresa May - hawkish, liberal, globalist


The election of the new British Prime Minister has come to the finish line. After two rounds of voting among parliamentarians from the Conservative Party, Theresa May - the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, and Andrea Leadsom - minister of State for energy, came to its third round. However, In Leeds on July 11th, Leadsom stated that she was out of the race for the post of prime minister, making the election uncontested.

Leadsom was the last significant contender for the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain, who participated in the Leave campaign. This is the third representative of the British eurosceptics, who voluntarily abandons the political struggle after the referendum, the announcement of withdrawal from the EU. Earlier, a leader of the Leave campaign, the eccentric former mayor of London Boris Johnson, was previously quoted for his refusal to fight for the prime minister position. Recently it was revealed, that he had become the victim of the intrigues of his former ally Michel Gove, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, who wanted to set himself in the chair of Prime-minister. Leadsom, who also participated in the Leave campaign alongside of Johnson and Gove, thus received the endorsement from Johnson and all eurosceptics, who accused Gove of treason. And now, Leadsom has stepped out saying she has regrets about her remarks on the childless May. All of this gives the impression of a good theatrical performance.

The case of Nigel Farage should also be remembered. He also effectively resigned from the political process, declaring that he resigns as the leader of UKIP shortly after the Brexit vote. Thus, the British political establishment through sophisticated intrigues and groupings has ensured its control over the political process, after the Brexit vote, which theoretically might open a window of opportunities for counter-establishment forces.  This did not happen.

However, the fact that extremely moderate eurosceptics like Leadsom or Johnson, both pro-US, Atlanticist, liberal in their political views, were not allowed to participate in the national Tory vote, shows the growing popularity of the eurosceptic and more sovereigntist tendency in Britain, so the elites could not allow the people right to choose. On the other hand, it demonstrates that not only the British, but also global elites believe that the international situation cannot afford them a change of leadership of the key US ally in Europe. This may be due to the process of the European Union, whose collapse they want to slow down or make more controlled, and the confrontation with Russia. NATO's next summit demonstrated that the United Kingdom is ready to play a leading role in the process.

So, who will lead the UK in the wake of the US in the near future? Should we look at political profile of Ms. May?

Theresa Mary was born in Eastbourne, Sussex. She studied geography at St Hugh's College, Oxford. She worked in the financial sphere (Bank of England, the Association for Payment Clearing Services) until 1997 when she was elected to parliament.

On domestic issues, May is known as supporter of so-called gender equality and marriages for homosexuals. In 2010 she even declared her support for pedophiles to adopt children. In 2015 May was accused in covering up a child sex abuse in the Northern Ireland.

She is often criticized by the left for her "hard stance" on immigration, but in fact it is May under whom Britain witnessed the greatest surplus of migrants in its history, and border security funding was cut by 2 million pounds. As a Liberal, she did not oppose the ideology, which is in the center of current migrant crisis in Europe. In addition, she supports the inclusion of Sharia law into the British legal system.

At the same time it was May who proposed to increase spying on British citizens, proposing Draft Communications Data Bill and Investigatory Powers Bill to suppress anti-governmental forces.

In parliament. May supported all the hawkish initiatives of government, including bombing of Yugoslavia, the Iraqi invasion, and the operation in Libya. She was in the remain camp prior to the referendum in the UK, but declared that she will implement theimperative for Brexit. However, she will be more comfortable partner for Brussel in the UK-EU negotiations that Leadsom could be.

She is known as strong supporter of Israel. At the same time, she enjoys god relations with Saudi Arabia. In March 2014, May signed a secret security pact with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, known for his close ties with the USA. In 2015, May supported a £ 5.9 million contract to help run prisons in the Saudi state.

Her husband -banker Phillipe May is reported to be one of shareholders of GS4 - the world's largest private military company, which also helps to Israel runs prisons. Today he is working for Capital Group Companies, one of the leading plutocratic institution in the world

She is a strong Atlanticist and has no sympathy for Russia. May played an important role in hysteria over the death of former FSB agent Alexandr Litvinenko, blaming Russian president Vladimir Putin in his killing. She supports the renewal of the British nuclear arsenal (Trident) as a response to "Vladimir Putin’s intent to upgrade Russia's nuclear forces".

Theresa May criticized Donald Trump and his comments on migration crisis in Britain. She believes, that the US Presidential Candidate does not understand the UK

This hawkish, warmongering trend may be reinforced if the current Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Michel Gove receives top place in her Cabinet. Gove was the person who toppled Boris Johnson through intrigue. And he had intended to plot with May against Leadsom before the second tour of the election of the Tory party leader took place. Michel Gove is an outspoken neoconservative and is praised as such by his American colleagues, including Bill Kristol.