Nice Attack


Terrorism breeds terrorism. That is the history of terrorism since the beginning ancient and modern history. Before World War I there were continual terrorist attacks in the capitals of Western and Eastern Europe, culminating in the assassination of the Arch Duke Ferdinand which lead to World War I.

In our modern times, it was the C.I.A. who helped to create and militarily nourish Al-Qaeda against the Soviet Armed Forces who had been legally invited by the Communist Afghanistan Government to fight the Taliban and other reactionary forces who were being supported by the regime in Washington. With the invasion of Iraq by the Bush regime, Al-Qaeda splintered into ISIS or Daesh in their development as an insurgency group against Western Imperialism.

In other words, we created child that turned into a monster. Within current American society we are witnessing the development of a socially insane society, and regardless of whether we are on the left or right, the majority of Americans are socially, educationally and politically primitive and backwards. As we implode as a nation, Obama signed on July 1st, 2016 what is known as the UNITED STATES POLICY ON PRE- AND POST-STRIKE MEASURES TO ADDRESS CIVILIAN CASUALTIES IN U.S. OPERATIONS INVOLVING THE USE OF FORCE. This document should be read very closely as it allows the U.S. Military to use force against American citizens within the interior of the United States.

Terrorism is a personal political state which gravitates to an objective state against a people and nation-state. In the weeks, months and years to come we will witness, those who survive, the ultimate horror of what the United States and other Western nations created all in the pursuit of world hegemony. In the United States we have entered the Weimar period as it was known in pre-Nazi Germany.

Terrorism breeds terrorism, and history will hold the United States and its people accountable for the participation in the creation of those terrorists organizations who killed the masses of humanity with indifference and the lack of pity.