New US ambassador to Russia: hawk, Mormon, Atlantist



Jon Huntsman Jr. is an extremely curious figure for a number of reasons. Firstly, Utah is a traditional stronghold of Mormons, a pseudo-Christian sect, whose representatives have a serious representation in American elites. It includes, for example, Mitt Romney - Huntsman's second cousin. In 2012, Romney was a presidential candidate from the Republican Party and he openly called Russia "the No. 1 enemy of the United States" during the pre-election race.

Mormons are a very strong financial and administrative structure with millions of members who are extremely disciplined and united. They are able to influence not only US policy with the help of lobbyists and significant financial resources, but also global processes. In addition, it is known that a powerful "Israeli lobby" supported Romney in 2012, as Mormons traditionally tend to take pro-Israel positions.

A businessman with interests in the DPR

We should not forget about the business interests of the new ambassador, who is also the representative of Huntsman Corporation - one of the world's largest chemical companies created by his father. Formally, he is not the head of this company, because after leaving for politics, he passed control to his brother.

It is important to note that Huntsman Corporation agreed to build two polystyrene plants during the late USSR period: in Armenia and in Gorlovka, which is now controlled by the DPR (The Donetsk People's Republic). In other words, the new ambassador to Russia will represent not only the interests of the US but also his own business interests. Taking into account the level of Washington's relations with Kiev and Moscow, Huntsman will do everything possible to ensure that the DPR and the recreated Malorossia will not happen to be, and his plant will be passed under the control of  Kiev authorities.

Convinced Atlantist

Besides, Huntsman has been heading the Atlantic Council of the United States since 2014. It is a non-governmental organization whose main task is to ensure United States leadership in the international arena, based on the "central role of the Atlantic community in defying the challenges of the 21st century." It is sponsored by funds of representatives of global financial elites, NATO, federal agencies, including the CIA and the Pentagon, leading corporations.

Also, Huntsman managed to work as the US Ambassador to China, where he established himself as a supporter of "color revolutions."
Experts describe the case when Huntsman came to an opposition rally in Beijing, where pro-Western oppositionists unsuccessfully tried to copy the "Arab spring."  When journalists asked him what he was doing, Huntsman replied that "he just came to look at the district." Taking into account the experience of the new US ambassador to Russia, his main task is to destabilize relations between Moscow and Beijing and sabotage Eurasian integration projects at both the political and economic levels.