New Sabotage is Being Prepared in Syria


The absolutely false accusation of the United States of Damascus in the next use of chemical weapons in Syria, which Russia had warned about as a provocation of the militants connected with the Western special services, is fraught with a sharp aggravation of the situation in the Middle East and Russian-American relations. The US State Department directly accused the government of President Bashar Assad and the Syrian army in chlorine attack in northwest Syria. State Department spokeswoman warned that "the United States and our allies will respond quickly and adequately."

Meanwhile, on the eve of the Center for Reconciliation of the warring parties warned of provocation with the use of chemical weapons in Syria in the south of the idlib de-escalation zone, followed by the on-duty accusations of the Syrian army in the use of chemical weapons. The place where the next provocation by US sponsored terrorists should take place was specifically indicated: refugees from the southern regions of the country, including children, were specially gathered in the village of Dzhardzhanaz and in the city of Serakab.

At the same time, the same dramatization is being prepared in the western part of the province of Aleppo. Provocations are organized by subordinates of Abu Basir Al-Brittany - the leader of a special “chemical wing” of the Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham group, the backbone of which comes from Europe and the CIS.

For whom the Bell Tolls?

Past provocations of this kind, completely unnecessary, extremely harmful to the interests of Damascus, the United States and its allies used in full. In April 2017 and 2018, they subjected Syria to massed rocket-bomb strikes. Despite the fact that they ended in failure, the Americans gave it for outstanding success.

The US military itself, of course, knows how it all was. They probably learned the necessary lessons from both fiascoes, learned over the year — including with the help of their Israeli friends — the strengths and weaknesses raised by Russia to a qualitatively new level of Syria’s air defense system, and certainly eager to rehabilitate themselves. The strikes of US-related terrorists against the tip of American spy planes at Hamim's base, by the way, were pursuing the same goal.

In addition to the fake himatak, another sign of the US technical preparation for the third series of attacks on Syria and Russian prestige in this country is the emergence in the region of an American aircraft carrier strike group. It is believed that one of the largest US aircraft carriers "Abraham Lincoln" and sent simultaneously by the United States to the Middle East, the operational group of bombers is part of Iran’s intimidation strategy. However, this military power can in fact be applied against Syria, where the Iranian presence, so frightening Israel, also exists. The attack on Iran is fraught with a big war in the region. And no one, except for Israel and a number of Sunni countries hostile to Tehran, will support Washington. It is a different matter if it be a blow to the “bloody regime of Assad” that is destroying the supposedly own people by the barbaric chemical weapons, its Russian and Iranian allies.

Thus, around Syria, the situation is once again being injected. New provocations are about to follow, the fake nature of which in the West does not bother anyone. Together, they must create an excuse for a third massive strike on Syria, to whose government the West cannot forgive a victory — with the help of Russians and Iranians — over international terrorism on its territory.

And other goals

As always, foreign policy actions and military operations of the USA pursue several goals at once, including internal political ones. Some of them are mentioned above. But there are others.

Constant provocations from Idlib against Hmeimim, the presence of this terrorist ulcer in Syria, with the apparent inability and unwillingness of Turkey, in whose area of responsibility this rebellious province is, to bring order there, dictate the need for effective measures to eliminate this threat. And for a number of reasons, they will not like Ankara.

The United States definitely wants to take advantage of this situation in order to drive a wedge between Turkey and Russia, whose patience about the double-dealing of the Turks in Idlib is running out. In addition, the most important "fundamental" task of the US foreign policy in the Turkish direction is to disrupt Ankara's deal with Moscow on the purchase of advanced Russian S-400 air defense missile systems, in all respects superior to the American Patriot system.

Washington issued an ultimatum to the Turks. According to informed sources of CNBC, the United States gave Turkey two weeks to abandon the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. During this time, Ankara should cancel the deal with Moscow and buy the American Patriot. Otherwise, the United States will deprive Turkey of the hundred F-35 fighter jets promised, impose economic sanctions and provide the appropriate “NATO response”. According to CNBC, this is the “last sentence of the State Department”. Alas, all this is very similar to the truth.

Well, for obstinate Turkey to guarantee acceptance of the American demands, the inevitable “anti-terrorist” operation in Idlib is not enough, it is also necessary to cast doubt on the effectiveness of the Russian air defense system. After all, the S-300 in Syria is the “younger brother” of the S-400. In addition, in the hands of Syrian operators, the S-300 may not be as effective as if it was controlled by Russians. And this is also a temptation.

Judging by the two-week ultimatum to Ankara, the United States plans to strike at Syria in about a week, so that even a possible next failure can be made out for a resounding success, until the experts have figured out what actually happened. In addition, “offended” for Idlib, Turkey may well pretend that she believed in the unreliability of the Russian air defense system, so that, retaining the face, bend over to the United States.

The possible failure of the next “spring aggravation” in Syria will certainly become also a pretext for new anti-Russian sanctions, because the Americans will not forgive such humiliation for three times in a row. In the US Congress, everything is ready for this.

And finally, the White House’s host must again divert the attention of Americans from his own person. Despite the successful completion of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller for Trump, the clouds are gathering in the House of Representatives again.


In short, everything indicates that it will very soon become very hot in Syria and that in many respects it will be directed not only against Damascus, but against Moscow and Tehran.  Maximum vigilance is required.