A new migration crisis is coming


In Greece, a sharp increase in the number of illegal migrants from Turkey is recorded. The flow is growing by leaps and bounds: the Greeks part, letting the "refugees" go further to Europe.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan keeps his promises when it is profitable for him. He promised recently that "this summer everything will be hot," and everyone felt hot. It became hot in Syria, especially for Kurds. And in Turkey itself, where Erdogan, referring to the "difficult times", announced the holding of early presidential and parliamentary elections in June to consolidate his de facto status of the "sultan" even de jure, to prepare for some great deeds. Turkey's relations with the European Union are being strained. The last summit in Varna ended in failure.

Turkish accession to the EU is not expected. Negotiations on this score have reached an impasse. Liberalization of the visa regime for Turkish citizens and modernization of the customs union is also not observed. The migration deal with the EU, concluded on March 18, 2016, is almost dead. First of all, because the Turks have not received from Europeans the promised "payment for restraining illegal migration" - instead of six billion euros, Ankara was given about one.


He has nothing to lose

Erdogon has practically no prospects for reconciliation with the EU. In Brussels, they consider him to be a dictator and dream of getting rid of the obstinate Turkish president as soon as possible. But Europeans sympathize with the Turkish opposition, the Kurds and the participants in the bloody coup, and continue to irritate Ankara with lectures on "human rights".

"Sultan" pays reciprocity, showing contempt and threatening to launch a new migration tsunami to Europe. In 2015, he did so, inflicting a powerful blow to European countries, from which they still can not recover. In some EU countries, for this reason even the power has changed.

Especially it gets hot in Greece and Cyprus, whose territorial waters the Turks claim as their own. It becomes exceptionally hot on the Greco-Turkish land border. And also on the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, actually occupied by illegal migrants from Muslim countries. Around the islands in the formally Greek territorial waters, the military fleets of Greece and Turkey are ready to mate with each other, and in the air space above them - the Air Force. The number of Turkish provocations is constantly growing. The Greeks sometimes try to answer. Incidents occur on a growing basis: the battering of ships, firefights, loss of airplanes.

However, the main indicator that something special is happening is a sharp increase in the number of arrivals to Greece, whose eastern borders are the borders of the EU. According to Greek media, thousands of people began to penetrate the territory of the country daily - to the islands and across the land border in the area of the Evros River. Earlier, the Turks very well guarded this fortified border on both sides. Migrants were not allowed to go to Greece. Now it's in the past. Moreover, they categorically refuse to accept anyone back, claiming that the "refugees" to the Greek side penetrated not through Turkey, but from neighboring European countries.

All this can only mean one thing: the Turks gave migrants a "green light" and provide logistical support. They are not only not detained, on the contrary, they are squeezed out into Greece. But the summer has not yet come, then the migration flow will increase many times.

The problem, however, is not only this. The problem is also in Greece, which took an interesting position in the situation.

The most accessible part of the joint border of the Greeks was blocked by an expensive wall, for which 60 million euros were spent. There are also many minefields, there are very few free passes. Stop crossing on the banks of the River Evros, not to allow the landing of "illegal immigrants" on the Greek coast is not so difficult. However, in Athens there is no political will to turn back "illegal immigrants".

The Greeks do not prevent migrants from entering Greece, and reinforcements from the EU proved to be a fiction. And the current Greek government, under the control of sympathizing migrants on ideological grounds of the left, does not see this as a big problem. The main thing for him is that the settlers do not stay in Greece and go as soon as possible to Western Europe.