Is New Holocaust Possible in Europe?


The fate of European Jews again came under great question because of the massive migration to Europe from Muslim countries, which could lead to the most unexpected consequences.

Throughout France, with the participation of prominent politicians, public and trade union leaders, 70 demonstrations against anti-Semitism were held, to which the “unknown” Jewish cemetery in Alsace was defeated. About 100 graves were desecrated there. Almost simultaneously, a synagogue was fired in the suburbs of the French capital ...

The demonstrators took to the streets of Paris and six dozen other French cities under the slogan "Enough!" They were joined by politicians and activists from over 50 parties across the political spectrum, including former presidents Francois Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy, and current Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. French President Emmanuel Macron visited the vandalized cemetery and voiced a number of statements.

Those who did this are not worthy of being citizens of the French Republic and will be punished

- Makron promised.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned in a special video message: "This is a plague that threatens everyone."

The head of the Ministry of Repatriation and Integration of Israel, Yoav Galant, said that what had happened caused "memories of dark times in the history of the Jews," and called on French Jews to emigrate. By the way, tens of thousands of them have already done so, having fled to Israel.

Words and Facts

At a meeting of the Council of Jewish Communities of France (CRIF), Macron called anti-Semitism a problem of the republic and announced a law against hate speech on the Internet. The President also listed a number of planned measures aimed at combating anti-Semitism. In particular, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is charged with taking steps to ban racist and anti-Semitic groups that incite hatred and call for violence.

According to official data, in 2018 the number of crimes with anti-Semitic overtones in France increased by 74% compared with the previous year - to 541 incidents. These data, of course, greatly underestimated. But it is already impossible to hide the frightening tendency of growing terror against French Jews. Each subsequent year, their number doubles, and Jews, who make up 1% of the French population (550,000 people, so far the largest Jewish community in the world after Israel and the USA), account for half of all racist figures, according to the National Vigilance Bureau against anti-Semitism attacks in france. Basically, these are young Muslims.

Jews are abducted, tortured, extorting money, and sometimes killed. The victims of migrant anti-Semitism are also the old Holocaust survivors, who are cut with knives, thrown from the balcony by Muslim neighbors around the house. The victims are also beaten and in every way humiliated schoolchildren, whose parents have to pick up from free public schools, where the migrant contingent of pupils prevails, and give them away to expensive private or Catholic ones.

In the latter, young Muslims also began to appear and resent why the crosses hang there, and what the Jews are doing there.

Blame ... the Right?

The authorities and the “progressive public” of Western European countries are outraged by the rapid growth of anti-Semitism, which is usually blamed on semi-mythical “right-wing extremists”. At the same time, no one except the right-wing and “populist” recognizes that terror against the Jews is almost exclusively the work of Muslim migrants from Asia and Africa who settled in Europe. The leftists and liberals deliberately turn a blind eye to this in order not to jeopardize their “principles” and the “open door” policy that the European Union has been pursuing for a long time. They stubbornly refuse to admit that, thanks to their “tolerance,” millions of completely intolerant and illiberal people have settled in Europe, who are sickened by the whole way of European life, and the Jews are subject to “legitimate” hatred.

The systemic mass media that taboo this explosive topic in fear of accusations of “Islamophobia” and even the Jewish elite involved in the globalist project are also involved in the deception: the fate of ordinary Jews who are mocked by Muslim radicals in Europe is not interested. Exactly the same situation led to the Holocaust at one time, and there is no reason to believe that the possible extermination of the Jews - now by the bigots from Islam - will differ for the better from what the National Socialists did.

This is indicated, in particular, by the unrestricted demonstrations of Islamists in European cities under the slogan "All Jews are in the furnace!" Well, when Muslim radicals get rid of European Jews, they will take on other "infidels."

How is this happening now?

More recently, after the horrors of the Second World War, it seemed completely impossible to persecute and kill Jews in Europe. However, in recent years, European Jews - and not only French - have found themselves in a situation very similar to the one that German Jewry experienced in the early years of Nazism. The difference is that at that time they were being poisoned by the state, and today the role of the pickers of the Jews is played by immigrants from Muslim countries settled in Europe. Moreover, their number is constantly growing due to both illegal migration and high demography among Muslims who have already settled in Europe. Their integration into European society as a whole has failed. And among them - as a reaction to the surrounding multicultural world - the most radical forms of Islam are taking root. In conditions when the struggle for a piece of bread is irrelevant because of generous social benefits, and humane European laws and the penitentiary system are more likely to commit crimes than warn them, young Muslims who have “radicalized” have racist tricks and serious crimes, and not fear of incurring real punishment for them.

They do not have the "vaccine" against the anti-Semitism that the Germans have. Auschwitz, Majdanek, the Holocaust - this is for the senseless permissiveness of people from Afghanistan, Somalia and other wonderful countries - an empty sound. Especially when they hear sermons like the one that was delivered several years ago by the imam of a Berlin mosque, who called for "destroying Zionist Jews, killing them all to the last." This and many other facts of this kind are cited in The strange death of Europe, the British researcher of Islam Douglas Murray. On the Jews, it can be said, the Islamists are training "for stripping" the whole of Europe for themselves and their own "values", regarding it as a territory that must be conquered by Islam. And in war, as we know, all means are good.

The struggle against this growing threat of European governments in the form in which it is being waged is absolutely unpromising, because it is impossible to defeat the enemy if you don’t consider him to be an enemy, if in his place those who are less than all others would like Europe to play and ready to fight for it.

The problem, as already noted, is that by “anti-Semites” the authorities and a significant part of the left-liberal public understand the right-wing and national-conservative forces, which they pass off as spiritual successors to the fascists and nazis. And only then, as a secondary factor, do the most honest representatives of the establishment, at the risk of being known as “politically incorrect” and “Islamophobes,” mention migrants. The truth is that the right-wing and national-conservatives, despite their claims to the Jews and their complaints against the Jews, have long been reconciled with them in the face of the impending terrible threat, consider the Jews to be their allies. And this is mutual. More and more ordinary Jews are joining the party of Marine Le Pen, becoming members of its leadership, and the Alternative for Germany (AfD), in which the Jewish Platform has recently emerged. Meanwhile, the left-liberal establishment calls the right and populists the main reason for the growth of anti-Semitism.

The results of this policy are obvious. According to a survey of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, almost half of Jews in Sweden are afraid to go outside in piles, in France - 40%, in Europe as a whole - 22%. At the same time, 75% of respondents feel an increase in the threat to Jews in the EU countries.

"Crazy" conspiracy vision

Millions of migrants are launching to Europe to pay less for unskilled work, to erase old identities and traditions, to abolish the obligations of the government to the people conquered by indigenous Europeans on the barricades.

The main "advantage" of replacing the population and the associated sharp increase in terrorist manifestations is that it will eliminate democracy, introduce censorship on the Internet for all, create a police state and a totalitarian pyramid with a narrow circle of rich people at the top. And all this, as they said in the USSR, to which the EU is becoming more and more similar, will be done "at the request of the working people."

Indeed, in the conditions of the growing migrant lawlessness and wildness, all those who have already become or may become its victims - Jews, non-Jews, and indigenous Europeans, and the law-abiding part of Europeans of the “new” will demand this. They will agree to everything so that the Islamists do not crush them with waggons and blow up at festivals, do not shoot at cafes, and do not humiliate women - up to chipisation and total electronic surveillance, "stuffing" of the brain. What to hide an honest person? And what a wonderful life will come then for the elite - no elections will be afraid of it anymore. Such an "anthill", which may be liberal in appearance, is able to exist forever.

Alas, everything that we see in the last few decades fully fits into this version. Moreover, both Islamists and their principled opponents are working involuntarily on its implementation. And this "cunning plan" of globalists has very big chances to come true.