A new escalation in Syria: who needs it?


On Monday, took place an attack on Syrian airbase Tifor, located between Palmyra and Homs. Russian Defense Ministry reported that the attack was the work of Israeli military forces. 8 missiles were launched by two F-15 Israeli Air Force planes from Lebanon. Syrian troops during the battle destroyed five guided missiles, three reached the western part of the airfield.

Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces are located at this airbase. It is reported that 14 military personnel died as a result of the attack.

Tuesday, Russia convened a meeting of the UN Security Council on the theme of a threat to international peace and security.

Tel Aviv has previously struck at their positions in this deployment. The US, most likely, knew about the planned attack.

It is advantageous for Israel to raid from the territory of Lebanon, since there is no air defense. Almost all of the blows that Tel Aviv inflicted on Syria were made through Lebanese airspace.

At the Tifor airbase, in addition to Syrian, there are also Russian and Iranian forces. Thus, it is also a symbolic blow to the allied forces - the main opponents of the American coalition in Syria. Israel regularly attempts to drive a wedge into Russia's relations with Iran. The Israeli authorities consider both Iran and Syria, and the pro-Iranian movement of Hezbollah, which are at war in Lebanon and Syria, the most dangerous opponents in the region, and try to strike unexpectedly.

At the same time, Western forces are trying to complicate relations between the Moscow-Ankara-Tehran alliance and constantly provoke Turkey, especially in the Afrin area.

There are too many "coincidences". On the eve of the night, about 140 civilians released from the captivity of the terrorists and were brought to Damascus. They were released immediately after the army of Assad took control of the settlement of Al Rayhan, which was the first line of defense of the Duma, in which an escalation also began. Experts note that the capture of Al Rayhan and the release of prisoners was a sign that they would release the Duma, and then the Syrian troops would take over southern Syria. And the South is the zone of interests of Israel.

Recall that the Duma as the last enclave of terrorists near Damascus recently remained under fire. The army of Assad is not going to hand over the item to militants.

Earlier, on April 6, terrorists shelled Damascus - they beat infrastructures and mosques, during the attack, at least 20 people (civilians) were killed.

In addition, there is a scandal with chemical weapons, as well as negotiations between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron. Trump criticized Vladimir Putin personally for the first time because of the humanitarian situation in East Ghouta.

Accusing Assad of using chemical weapons is the best way to weak governmental forces.

The information campaign on "chemical attack" and the Israeli attack on the air base is an attempt by the West to prevent the triumph of the allies - Damascus with the Moscow-Ankara-Tehran axis. Note that the attacks on these countries go on all flanks - the "Skripal case" with the expulsion of diplomats, the tightening of rhetoric on Iran, the accusations of Ankara in the "escalation" of the situation in Africa, etc. The task of the West now is to break the trend and prevent Assad from releasing terrorists on the South of Syria. 

Russia supports Assad and will continue to support, helping with military force and defending in the diplomatic arena. But in this case, Moscow should have been more active on the Israeli issue - using leverage to pacify Tel Aviv's appetites in the region.