The Nazi Junta in Kiev must be brought to Justice


I feel great grief for all of those killed in Donbass and Novorossiya. I hope and believe that their sacrifice was not in vain. It is a pity that some cowards and traitors seem to obstruct President Putin from doing his patriotic duty of liberating Novorossiya and Malorossiya. I believe that we, sooner or later, will see a free Novorossiya and Malorossiya. It is madness to allow the building of such a "state", Banderastan, based only on hate for Russia, just on Russia’s border, even more so as this "state" openly oppresses 20 million Russians and Russian-speakers. It denies them basic rights to language, representation, and regional self-determination.

This fake Nazi "state" will only serve as a tool for others to hurt Russia. And all this is being allowed to happen for now, although it can be stopped at any moment.

Donbass has, all alone, done all they can and much more against a fascist army that is supported by thousands of foreign mercenaries. And now any political party in fascist Ukraine that is for federalization or even equal rights for the Russians and Russian-speakers is considered "illegal" by the Nazi junta in Kiev. And the European Union is doing nothing of course but condemning Russia. But Russia herself also is not doing enough. All of the sacrifices of the Russian people in the Great Patriotic War were thus in vain? The Nazis and traitors are back, only now they are occupying Novorossiya and Malorossiya, but soon they will attack Russia too. They could just as well have won the war seventy years ago because the result seems to become the same thanks to the lack of patriotism and determination in some circles in Moscow.

The Kiev "government" and "president" are illegal. The junta held false, undemocratic "elections" where all the candidates representing the south-east, Novorossia, were banned or imprisoned, beaten and intimidated. They held these farce of "elections" with no voting option for 20 million people! Of course, the people of Novorossiya boycotted the farce, and of course less than 50% of the population voted overall. You cannot have real elections without any choice or candidate for half of the people! And, of course, the fascist junta has no right to hold these elections at all. The current "president" and "government" are illegal and undemocratic - nothing more, nothing less.

Their right place is in the international court in the Hague. But since that "court" is also a farce, it would be better to have a "Nurnberg 2"-trial in a liberated Kiev instead.

There is no longer the possibility of “legal” political work in fascist Ukraine because the Kiev junta passes "laws" that are totally undemocratic against all political opposition. Such "laws" would not have been allowed anywhere else in Europe, but again, when it is done against Russians and Russian-speakers, the EU does not mind. On the contrary, they approve. And still, Russia hesitates. The one who sells out to avoid sanctions will lose his freedom and be slapped with sanctions anyway, and this will be exactly what he deserves.

The shelling of residential areas in numerous cities and villages in Donbass is a war crime, perpetrated openly and willingly by the fascists in Kiev and backed by the USA. Thus, they are all war criminals and should be prosecuted in the Hague or somewhere else. The use of prohibited phosphorous weapons and the use of artillery and aircraft against civilians are blatant war crimes that the Western powers would, in other cases, strongly condemn. But not in this case. There is no excuse for such behavior but this is exactly what could be expected from them. The real people guilty of supporting the junta should be sought after in the West, but also among those persons in Moscow who could have stopped this, and who still can, but anyway let this happen. Thousands of civilians have now been murdered by the Kiev junta because they wanted basic human rights - rights that are accepted in the rest of the civilized world. And the killing continues, KZ-camps are being built, people are being arrested and tortured for imagined "crimes" or for wanting their basic democratic rights, and forced conscriptions into fascist army are imposed constantly! A Russian-hating dictatorship is being built on Russian blood, on Russia’s doorstep. If there was ever any doubt about the nature of the junta in Kiev, those doubts were long ago shattered by their war crimes.

Our leaders should know that you do not defend Russia by letting Novorossia (and Malorossiya) be enslaved by the fascists! You do not defend Russia by letting fascists drag "Ukraine" and the occupied Novorossia/Malorossiya with her into NATO.

You defend Russia by helping Novorossia and Malorossiya, by making it absolutely clear that former Ukraine, or at least Novorossia and Malorossiya, is a vital Russian national interest. You defend Russia by helping, in every way, to liberate Novorossiya and Malorossiya here and now. It is a shame if the thickness of our wallets is more important than the fate of our country and our people. I hope we have not forgotten the meaning of duty, honor, patriotism. Don´t listen to cowards and traitors, but start the liberation of Novorossiya and Malorossiya now, and bring the criminals in the Kiev Nazi junta to justice.